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Indonesia (Bali & Gili): 9 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Baby & Kids

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Guest Post written by Val Berndt at A full-time travel baby and her parents. All photos by Val Berndt

Indonesia With Kids : Bali And Gili

Indonesia (Bali & Gili): 10 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Baby & Kids.

Indonesians love babies and children:

Indonesians are one of the most baby & kids friendly people you meet while traveling. They love children deeply from their heart and will do anything to entertain your little ones. This is especially handy if you want to finish your meal.

Indonesian food is great for kids too

Worried your child won’t eat different food, especially if not used to a spicy palate? Indonesia is a great place to start their adventurous palate. Here are some easy meal time suggestions to look out for on menus below, and some must try Indonesian deserts!

  • Fried rice (nasi goreng)
  • Satay (grilled meat skewers)
  • Fried noodles (mie goreng)
  • Spring rolls (lumpia)
  • Chicken noodles (mie ayam)
  • Chicken congee (bubur ayam)
  • Thick pancakes (terang bulan)
  • Siomay dumplings.

Find a small piece of paradise:

Gili Air,Indonesia With Kids: Bali And Gili

Gili Air has no cars and the only vehicles are bicycles and horse buggies. It is a peaceful little island with beautiful beaches and safe swimming water for your kids.

There are also many beach beds with a roof, which are perfect for babies.You can walk around the island within approx. one hour, so you never get lost. Although it feels quite remote there are nice restaurants all around. The save boat ride only takes 1 hour from Bali, making it easy to reach and doable in a week or 2 week itinerary.

Canguu, Indonesia With Kids: Bali And Gili

Hippies and Hipsters:

Bali really has it all. While Amed (East Bali) is a relaxed hippie town playing Reggae music and providing Yoga courses, Canggu (South Bali) is filled with funky cafes, restaurants and shops. You also see a lot of young families with babies, as most of the locations are very baby & kids friendly.

Indonesia With Kids, Indonesia With Kids : Bali And Gili, Pura lempuyang
Pura Lempuyang

Hike around volcanoes:

There are three volcanoes in Bali and the Agung is the highest of all. You will enjoy picturesque views hiking around it. There is a particular hike on a mountain at the opposite of the Agung. It offers not only breathtaking views on the great volcano, but also several beautiful temples along the way (Pura Lempuyang).

Indonesia With Kids : Bali And Gili waterfall, Bali With A BabyAccessible waterfalls:

Bali offers a whole range of stunning waterfalls. If you think they are too adventurous with young kids, you might be surprised. Many of them are even accessible with babies.

The Git Git Waterfall in North Bali is short and very easy 15 minute walk from the parking place with a paved road. Surprisingly, it is still rarely crowded.

The Sekumpul Waterfall is great for views from above. Unfortunately, at the end of the way you need to cross a knee-deep river to see it closely. This is not necessary, as the views on the waterfall are spectacular from the top!

Tegenungan Waterfall is also a spectacular Bali natural attraction to visit. 

Indonesia With Kids: Bali And Gili. ricefield, Bali With A BabyGlowing rice fields:

Bali has probably the most beautiful range of green rice fields and rice terraces, even above waterfalls. It is possible just to stroll around them taking the little paths in between the fields.

Indonesia With Kids: Bali And Gili, Bali With A Baby

Magical temples:

There are so many temples around Bali, that it is easy to find truly peaceful ones without any tourists. The Balinese temples are not just made of stones – they are made of some kind of magic.

If you are lucky and there is an evening celebration, you may just visit it wearing a sarong. Witnessing the Balinese dance throughout a real celebration, rather than some tourist show, is truly special. If you bring your kids along, you will be even more welcomed.

Indonesia With Kids: Bali And Gili

Good infrastructure:

The infrastructure in and to Bali is great. There are a lot direct flights to Bali, making it easy to reach from many cities. In Bali the streets are good and you get a cheap taxi driver for a whole day anytime. This makes traveling very easy. You don’t need to plan anything in advance. Of course you also find many tour agencies offering a variety of all kinds of trips.

Indonesia With Kids : Bali And Gili

No risk, more fun:

Many tropical destinations have risk of Malaria or Yellow Fever. You want to avoid Malaria destinations with kids of any age and Yellow fever with babies due to minimum age of vaccination. Although it is a tropical destination, you don’t need to fear Malaria or Yellow Fever on Bali and on the Gili Islands. Moreover, in case you need medical treatment, there are several good rated hospitals in Bali. Most Balinese speak good English, so that shouldn’t be a barrier in your treatment. Finally, that means travel without worries!

If you are travelling to Bali with teens, Wyld Family Travel have some great suggestions!

Looking for somewhere to stay in Bali? Check out the best resorts in Bali for families.

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Indonesia With Kids: Bali And Gili

Indonesia With Kids: Bali And Gili, Bali With A Baby

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Friday 17th of February 2017

Oh my goodness, I absolutely would bring my children to Indonesia and Bali! I can't wait to be able to travel properly with them once we're able to and these two destinations are certainly on my list. Nat.x

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