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Norwegian Airlines Review | Long Haul B787 Dreamliner In Economy

~Guest post by Nick Bradley

Norwegian is basically cheap and cheerful. Not quite EasyJet or Ryanair, but the closest I’ve been on an international flight, especially this far and to the US. Good thing has been it’s one of the new Dreamliner aircraft so it is pretty modern and comfortable. And things like the entertainment system work well, even if the movies etc. are limited and not that new.

Norwegian airlines review long haul

Norwegian Airlines Long Haul Review

 London Gatwick – Chicago

Norwegian Airlines review long haul

Norwegian Dreamliner Seats

  • The Norwegian Dreamliner seats are leather with no added amenities on them.
  • Norwegian economy seat configuration is  3-3-3  and this B787 has 2 classes; economy and premium economy.
  • The seat pitch is 78cm (31″) and for premium it ranges from 109-117cm (43′-46″)
  • There was no WiFi on this flight or any of the Norwegian long haul flights. It is available for free on most of their short haul flights though.
  • The TV is both touchscreen and remote control – with about 30 movies to choose from. Like most nowadays it’s AVOD. For kids there were a couple of choices and for younger tots there were TV choices such as The Lion Guard series.
  • You have to buy most things – headphones, blanket etc. There are no pillows provided.
Norwegian airlines review long haul

Kids stuff is very limited overall. There is a kids entertainment channel, and some games, and a pretty cool thing with the flight map showing animals around the world etc., but it’s nothing like the major airlines and no amenity packs

Food on the Norwegian 787 Dreamliner

I actually thought they weren’t going to provide a meal at one point as they mentioned “ordering in advance”, so I grabbed a sandwich just before a service was provided – it was overall pretty basic with a pretty average hot meal … although you do get an alcoholic beverage if you want one (I grabbed a can of Heineken!).

Norwegian Airlines review long haul

There was a sandwich handed out towards the end of the flight as a second meal but it was terrible and I didn’t eat it – comes in a brown paper bag. Later, I discovered if you are on a low fare ticket – a meal is not included in the price and must be pre-ordered.

Overview of Norwegian economy

Overall, it’s fine. There are no frills flying Norwegian long haul, but that is representative in the price – about £300-£500 cheaper than say Virgin or BA …almost half their price in total.

I would fly Norwegian airlines long haul again (if I was by myself) but there are certainly better options.

Bring Your Own

  • Travel pillow
  • Blanket
  • headphones
  • powerpack
  • Extra snacks

Is there anything I’ve missed out for this Norwegian long haul review? Please do let me know below.

Review of the Norweigan Airlines Long Haul B787 Dreamliner In Economy from Flying With a Baby #familytravel #airlinereviews

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Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

I’ve flown Norwegian from Gatwick to Denver, Colorado. The seats in economy class are horrendous - so uncomfortable. The old saying is true: you get what you pay for.

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