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Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida Review & Tips

(Ad/This article was first posted on Visiting Orlando With Kids and was a press trip. Opinions our own)

Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida, is the standalone theme park dedicated to Peppa Pig and her friends. 

Located in Winter Haven, next door to Legoland Florida, this colorful and bright themepark is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. It has slightly different attractions and rides than Peppa Pig World in the UK, which is located within Paultons Park Theme Park in Hampshire.

peppa Pig theme park florida Review and Tips

Sensory Rides and Attractions

This newest Peppa Pig attraction also aims to captivate children with their senses as well as give warning to parents of kids with sensory issues.

Each attraction has a Sensory Impact Ranking with 1= low sensory stimulation and 10= high covering Touch, Taste, Sound, Sight and Smell.

Sensory Guide peppa pig

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With five rides and a range of other activities and entertainment, there is plenty to occupy a few hours, although you likely wouldn’t fill an entire day here. We were invited to visit this Peppa Pig theme park in Florida, in order to give own opinions.

This article details all the rides and activities available so you can plan your trip to the newest Peppa Pig amusement park – plus plenty of tips to make the most of your visit.

Bring swimwear!

First up, don’t forget your welly boots!  (aka splash pad gear!) The fabulous mini splash park is positively encouraging you to get we with slides and sprays.

With families in mind, the park is stroller friendly with soft surfaces around play areas to minimize any bumps and bruises too.

Essential Items to Pack:
Sun lotion and sun hats, the sun can be strong here so remember sun protection
Swimwear and swim nappies/diapers
– Picnic supplies: Cool bag, insulated lunchboxes and water bottles

Rides at Peppa Pig Theme Park

Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster rollercoaster peppa pig
Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster

Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster

This is a gentle introduction for a kid’s first roller coaster ride. Themed around Daddy Pig’s red car, the ride encompassed gentle rises and drops.

It’s a popular ride, but the queue cleverly weaves through Peppa Pig’s house, giving children something new to look at at each point.

Some of the line is outside and goes up a gentle slope – offering views of the park. Do bring a hat though as there is little shade. This one is great for Dads, this one for Moms and these are a great selection with plenty of head and neck coverage for kids.

Peppa pig house kitchen
Check out the clever line for Daddy Pig’s rollercoaster as it weaves around Peppa’s house!

There is even the family sofa for an ideal photo spot and the kitchen with the special effects washing machine. Our chief tester was determined to try and grab the keys out of the washer!

Minimum rider height is 36 inches and kids wanting to ride unaccompanied must be 42 inches or over, or be accompanied by a responsible person 14 years old or older. 

Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride
Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride

Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride

Look out for the treasure and Polly Parrot as you sail around Pirate Island.

This ride can fit 3 people if your party includes 2 small kids. Otherwise, 1 adult will need to ride with each child.

Most of this line is not under cover, so it can get pretty hot on a sunny day.

Sun lotion and hats are a must. Guests under 43” or under 4 years old must be accompanied by a responsible person who is 14 years old or over.

Dinosaur adventure peppa pig
Dinosaur adventure ride at Peppa Pig Theme Park
Dinosaur adventure peppa pig

Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure

A favorite of many in the UK, it’s a hit in Florida too as kids ride a dinosaur through exciting volcano scenes to spot their favorite dinosaur!

Those over 34” can ride with a responsible person aged 14 or over. Kids over 43” can ride independently and try and catch up to you on this dinosaur adventure.

Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride
Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride lifts you high into the sky!

Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride

This wheelchair friendly ride takes you to all the fun of the fair with incredible views  of the entire Peppa Pig Theme Park.

Fly high above the clouds – come on you know the song – “Flying high, in the Sky…” The line again doesn’t offer much shade, so come prepared with a hat and a cooling fan.

Guests under 51” must travel with a responsible person aged 14 or over.

Mr Bull 's High Striker ride goes gently up and down at peppa Pig theme park Florida
Mr Bull ‘s High Striker ride goes gently up and down at Peppa Pig theme park Florida

Mr Bull’s High Striker

A ‘test your own strength’ attraction with a difference! You’ll discover that when that hammer hits, you will all be lifted into the sky, but gently down again!  A must for traditional theme park fun.

Minimum rider height is 34” and guests under 43” must be accompanied by a person aged 14 or over.

Attractions at Peppa Pig World Theme Park

A Free Fun Fair

Yes, a free fun fair for kids to enjoy traditional funfair games! From hook-a duck, to Hoopla, Bean Bag Toss, Tin Can Tumbler and Miss Rabbit’s silly funny mirrors, kids can enjoy all the fun of the fair at no additional cost! One of those must do fun fair experiences.

George’s Fort

Located in Granny Pig’s Garden is a fun maze to explore with something to discover. Listen out for the noise to lead you to the little green secret.

An Indoor Cinema

If little ones need a respite from the sun or a rainy interlude, then head to the indoor cinema, grab a bean bag and get comfy – ready to to watch episodes of Peppa Pig on repeat.

We noted 2 episodes on repeat. the area was a fabulous retreat from a hot day with some smell sensory fragrance to.

Adult size high backed chairs line the walls and huge bean bags are provided in the center to relax in.

Cool off at the Muddy Puddles Splash Pad

Cool off after exploring the rides at this newest Peppa Pig’s world, in this fun water splash pad area. Fountains, slides and of course muddy puddles! To the side are four brightly colored changing areas.

Peppa’s Pedal Bike Tour

Enjoy a leisurely bike tour through this shaded sensory area ride with sights, smells and sounds through the mountain and pine woods. A staff member is on hand to remove abandoned bikes and keep the flow of traffic going.

Peppa pig camper van at Peppa Pig Theme Park

Role play in the Campervan

Play in the family campervan whilst it’s stuck in a very big muddy puddle! The steering wheel moves so kids can pretend they are driving.

An interactive Playground in Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse

Burn off some steam and energy after lunch! There is lots to discover within this interactive playground themed around Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse and all his vegetables.

Peppa Pig’s Treehouse Outdoor Play

You are invited! Join Peppa up in her treehouse for a little ‘tea party’ and enjoy the slide down.

Rebecca Rabbit’s Playground

At this fun outdoor play area kids can re-enact visiting Rebecca’s underground home by exploring tunnels and ‘burrows.’

Sand Play at Peppa Pig theme park Pirate Island Sand Play
Pirate Island Sand Play

Pirate Island Sand Play

Join Danny Dog and search for buried treasure in this themed sandpit. Buckets and spades are provided, but no water so kids cannot build sandcastles, but can certainly dig for treasure aka Peppa gold coins and jewels!

There is limited shade here, but some benches are positioned along the side for parents to watch their kids play.

George’s Tricycle Trail
George’s Tricycle Trail

George’s Tricycle Trail

Little kids can jump on the tricycles and follow the path around this small enclosed space, without worrying about older children being too fast..

Madame Gazelle’s Nature Trail

Join everyone’s favorite school teacher on this nature trail!

Mr Potatoes Stage
Mr Potato’s Showtime Arena

Mr Potato’s Showtime Arena

Join the flamboyant and engimatic Mr Potato’s stage and watch an array of shows and fun with Peppa and George and other favorite characters.

On site is a souvenir shop, Mr Fox’s Shop which also sells soft drinks and water and forgotten items such as sun lotion. Queues can build up around lunchtime.

Have Breakfast With Peppa

Dine at Miss Rabbits diner with this special event ticket and Peppa will visiting your table. An 8×6 souvenir photograph is included. This additional experience gives early access to the park: including Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster, Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure, and more!

Miss Rabbit's Diner at Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida
Miss Rabbit’s Diner at Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida

Restaurant – Miss Rabbit’s Diner

Dining options are limited at Peppa Pig’s Theme Park, there is no choice of restaurants. If you don’t wish to bring a picnic, there is a restaurant on site called Miss Rabbit’s Diner- and a small kiosk, so queues build up during meal times.

Menu items at Miss Rabbit's Diner at Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida
Menu items at Miss Rabbit’s Diner at Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida

Kids’ meals come with a juice and menu item options include PB & J, Grilled Cheese, Mac & Cheese, Chicken Salad Sandwich. Grown up Entrees include a limited variety of Smoked Brisket Sandwich, Rice and Veggie Bowl, Margherita Flatbread & Salad.

Mr Fox'a Shop at peppa Pig theme park
Lots of toys at Mr Fox’s Shop at Peppa Pig Theme Park

Mr Fox’s Shop

The souvenir shop doesn’t quite have everything like the real Mr Fox’s shop, but it has plenty of Peppa Pig merchandise for fans.

There is also a soft drinks fridge to purchase coke, bottles of water etc. If you have forgotten, sun cream is available to purchase. We couldn’t see any swim diapers/nappies for sale.

Hotels Near Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida 

Peppa Pig Theme Park is situated right next door to Legoland Florida Resort which is home to three onsite Legoland hotels. It takes just a couple of minutes to walk from these to reach Peppa Pig theme park

All You Frequently Asked Questions Answered:

Is 1 day enough for Peppa Pig World Theme Park?

One day is plenty, but you can manage most rides within half a day and then if staying onsite, head to the Legoland resort pool for some fun or walk over to Legoland (tickets required).

What age Is Peppa Pig Theme Park suitable for?

The ideal age is from 2- 7.

How much is parking at Peppa Pig Theme Park?

Online preferred parking is $33. Purchase this before you arrive at the park to claim this price.

What time should I arrive at Peppa Pig Theme Park? 

Toll and ticket booths open approximately 30 minutes prior to park opening. Disability parking is located near the guest entrance.

Can I still visit Peppa Pig Theme Park if it’s raining?

Most of the attractions are outdoors with limited shelter from the rain on the rides and in the line. But if it’s a passing shower, duck into the Indoor Cinema or see if there is a show due on at Mr Potato’s Arena.

Alternatively, grab a bite to eat at Miss Rabbit’s Diner or purchase some fun mementos from Mr Fox’s Shop.

Where is Peppa Pig Theme Park? 

Peppa Pig Theme Park USA is only 45 minutes from Disney World, Universal and other theme parks. It is located next to Legoland, making it ideal for a mini break to cover the theme parks in that area. The address is:

One Legoland Way,

Winter Haven,

FL 33884  

An alternative address to enter is 6000 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven FL

How much are tickets at Peppa Pig Theme Park?

Tickets are priced at $39.00 for entry to Peppa Pig Theme Park only. This is for anyone aged 2+ . Look for back to school specials which have tickets priced at $29.99. The park is cheaper on weekdays.

Tips for Visiting Peppa Pig World Florida 

Bring a Picnic

Although you can buy food from the onsite restaurant Miss Rabbit’s Diner, there are some inviting picnic areas at Peppa Pig Theme Park; including chequered padded picnic ‘rugs’ all set up for you.

These are soft mats next to Mummy Pig and her pretend picnic hamper (another good photo spot), but there is no shade here for the moment, so best for a cooler day.

There are also some parasol shaded picnic tables and benches available too.

Miss Rabbit’s Diner is a popular spot, so time your visit just before normal lunch time. There are no vendors or machines to purchase anything else, so we do recommend having some snacks/drinks in case the lines are long.

Stroller peppa pig world


Plastic single and double strollers are available to hire from the park. The prices are currently $18 for a single and $28 for a double.

Download the Peppa Pig App
Download the Peppa Pig App

Download the App

The Peppa Pig Theme Park App shows wait times and helps you plan your visit. The app allows you to build your plan by selecting your preferred rides and attractions.

Then you can easily get directions with the app telling you exactly how long the walk is. Once you have completed the ride, activity or show, simply press the tick/check box and move on to the next!

However, you don’t need to do this as the park is easy to navigate and signposted.

peppa pig teeny tiny toilet
Peppa Pig teeny tiny toilet- there are normal sized ones too!


Restrooms come with baby change and even have two smaller toilets for little people.

Bring a hat and a cooling fan

Some of the rides and attractions don’t offer a great deal of shade, so on busy days and hot days you will feel the heat.

Aim to do Grandpa Pig’s Pirate Boat Ride and Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride early if it’s hot. Daddy Pig’s Rollercoaster has part of the queue in the shade, as you wind your way through Peppa Pig’s house.

Baby Change

Baby change is located in the restrooms

Meet and Greets

Meet and Greets are before the shows, so line up before hand if it’s must for your little one!

Ride Photos:

There are expensive at $45, so you may prefer to take your own photos and save your money for the gift store. There are lots of other great photo opportunities.

Most Popular Ride:

The most popular ride is Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster – but the line moves quite fast.

Grandpa Pig’s Pirate Boat Ride takes the longest to load so could potentially have the longest wait times and might be a ride you want to do first thing.

How long to spend at Peppa Pig Theme Park 

You can easily fill most of the day at Peppa Pig Theme Park. The park opens at 10am, and by 3pm our chief testers aged 4 and 8 were pretty tired from the heat after exploring the park.

Is there a petting zoo?

No, there are no farm animals or petting zoo at this toddler theme park. Kids’ activities include the rides, fun fair attractions, splash pad, playground and cinema.

Have you any more Peppa Pig World tips? Do let us know in the comments to help future visitors discover all the amazing things to do in Orlando with kids.

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