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Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami

ad|presstrip Havana 1957 is a chain of five Cuban restaurants in Florida—however, four of the branches are concentrated in Miami. In a hope to bring a unique dining experience that reignites the glamour of 1950s Cuba, Havana 1957 combines authentic Cuban cuisine with classical Cuban music and vintage memorabilia to really captivate all of your senses. 

Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami
Table set at 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami

Whenever we are travelling, we’re always on the hunt for kid-friendly restaurants—which sometimes isn’t the easiest task. So when I was planning our trip to Miami, family restaurants in Miami were one of the first things on my mind, which led me to Havana 1957 – it’s relaxed vibe was appealing to hot and tired kids!

Luckily, we managed to snag a table in the Lincoln Road, Miami branch. And let me tell you, Havana 1957 even impressed my kids! The fruit cocktails were a huge hit!

Sign for 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami
Outdoor area at 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami

Restaurant Locations

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There are five restaurant locations. With its Lincoln Road branch offering a perfect location with inside and outside dining options.

Situated amongst shops and galleries, Havana 1957 makes the perfect location for lunch, dinner, or just an afternoon drink, and we’d definitely go back again!

If you aren’t in the Lincoln Road area of Miami, however, you can instead find Havana 1957 restaurants in Breakwater, Ocean Drive, Espanola Way, and Pembroke Pines. 

Wall sign outside Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami

Havana 1957 Seating Options

The Lincoln Road restaurant has outdoor seating—as well as indoor seating at the bar—where you can sit and watch the world go by while listening to lively Cuban music. And don’t worry, there are fans and AC to keep you cool because I know how hot Miami can be, even in the evenings!

Ceiling fan above the bar at 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami

Havana 1957 Menu

The kid’s menu at Havana 1957 is pretty small. But to its defence, it contains chicken fingers, grilled chicken breast, and a grilled Palomilla steak that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy.

If your kids are adventurous with their food, however, then there is nothing stopping them from ordering off the adult’s menu—which my kids regularly do. Adults can choose from a selection of Cuban-inspired starters, burgers, rice bowls, and salads.

As well as a huge range of meat and fish dishes that almost make it impossible to decide on. 

Fries, sauce and burger on a wooden board
Fries and chicken nuggets
pulled pork,Rice and salad dish at 1957 Cuban  Cuisine Restaurant In Miami

Plus, if you still have room for dessert (there is always room for dessert), you’ll have a choice of Cuban tiramisu, Cuban flan, Coconut flan, chocolate cake, and even a guava cheesecake. 

You can find the full Havana 1957 adults, kids, deserts, and drinks menus here

Menu at 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami
Girl smiling in the Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine Restaurant In Miami

Havana 1957 Drinks

One of Havana 1957’s most iconic features is its Mojito Bar which stocks over 120 varieties of rum.

Mojito cocktail

From classic mojitos and signature cocktails to sangrias, beers, and wines, Havana 1957 has a drink option for all taste buds. Your kids can even get involved with their own mojitos and cocktails—virgin, of course. 

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