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Peppa Pig World Review & Top Tips for First-timers (Paultons Park)

First-timers guide to Peppa Pig World, UK

For parents with kids who love the little pink pig, you will no doubt hear about Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park. (Not to be confused with the new Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida)

We visited en masse with friends of ours – 6 adults and 5 kids ranging from 18 months to 5. As we all live some distance away, we opted for a Peppa Pig World Mini Break from Paultons Breaks.

It included an overnight stay plus breakfast at a choice of hotels and entry to the park for 2 days. (Peppa Pig World is an area within Paultons Park so you have access to the entire area).

Kids go free if they are under 1 metre and do not require a ticket. (Children will be measured when wearing shoes upon entry.)

However, choosing a hotel near Peppa Pig World did take some research as cost and facilities varied greatly.  Here I’ve covered camping, self catering and hotels near Peppa Pig World.

peppa pig worlld, paultons park
Look up and see what Daddy Pig did!

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Peppa Pig World Tips

Peppa Pig World Opening Times

Peppa Pig World theme park opening times do vary depending on the day. This ranges from 10.00/10.30 to 4.40/5pm and 5.30pm. To check the exact times for your visit see the Paultons Park site here which is home to Peppa Pig World UK.

Best Day To Visit Peppa Pig World

We visited over a weekend which means peak crowds. Weekdays in term time can be quieter as those children with older siblings will be at school. The best days to visit are of course rainy days. Check the park’s calendar which shows the days with low ticket availability – this makes it easier to see the busiest expected days.

Entry Tip for Peppa Pig World

On the first day, we parked fairly close to the park (the car park is free) and the entrance was a short walk straight ahead – expect a bag check before you reach the main entrance.

If you want to reach Peppa Pig World by train, the nearest mainline train stations are:

  • Southampton Airport Parkway – 10 miles away with a 15 minute taxi drive to the Park.
  • Southampton Central – 8 miles away with a 10-15 minute taxi drive to the Park. For more information see here

If you are parking to the side of the main entrance there will also be a bag check- the queue on the second day was enormous! It was only because my hubby needed to take our eldest to the loo that we saw there was no queue at the bag check from the first day. My husband summoned us over and we avoided a good 15-minute wait.

If you have the mini break package- make sure you head to the kiosks opposite the main entrance to pick up your tickets to allow entry. We initially queued with our print outs but I don’t think they had a barcode on them.

Download the App

It’s also worth downloading the Paultons Park app before you go so you can see queue times.

The busiest rides we found were Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, The Balloon Ride, George’s Dinosaur Adventure and Daddy Pig’s Car Ride. On the second day, we got there as the park opened (10am) and managed to do some of these rides before big queues developed. Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight always has long queues as the boarding takes the longest. If this one you really want to do – head there first.

Prices have increased for the stroller rental at Peppa Pig World – it’s now £10 for a single and £14 for a double.

Lockers, Pushchair Rental, Child ID stickers & Loos                            

At the entrance, you will find lockers to stow any bulky bags (perhaps your swim stuff if heading to the splash park later) and a place to hire pushchairs – both singles and doubles.

They have little covers over them to shield from the sun and cost £10 for a single and £14 for a double stroller – however, a deposit must be left. Just to the right (near the theatre and loos) is a small sticker dispenser where you can write your contact details down and stick on your child in case they wander off. the loos are brilliant!

They have ready made trainer seats on for smaller bottoms, which can be lifted up for older children and grown-ups. Full baby change facilities are available and they were super clean when we visited. if you have any kids under 1m ask for a wristband at the entrance too. This saves them from being measured for every ride.

Visit in the afternoon

Peppa Pig World tends to be busy in the morning. If you can, go and see other areas of Paultons Park first and then head to Peppa Pig World when the big rush is over.

Bring your own food

Take your own lunch and snacks to avoid queues at kiosks and restaurants and money! Get ice creams outside of Peppa Pig World as the queues tend to be shorter than inside. A quiet place for a picnic are the Japanese Gardens.

Pack towels and swimming gear

Take swimming costumes and towels for the splash park (Muddy Puddles) There is larger splashpark outside of Peppa Pig World and smaller one within. You can use lockers which take £1 coins and cost £4.

Also bring socks!

If you visit the soft play – bring socks with you.

Peppa Pig World Map

Peppa Pig World map

What’s at Peppa Pig World?

As soon as you enter the colourful area, you will hear the familiar Peppa Pig Theme tune. (Be warned it is played continually!) It is so worth seeing the delight on little ones faces – they literally don’t know which way to look!

There are 7 main rides at Peppa Pig World UK:

  • George’s Dinosaur Adventure ( if over a certain height they need to go by themselves)
  • Daddy Pig’s Car Ride
  • Grandpa Pig’s Little Train
  • Grandpa Pig’s Boat
  • Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride
  • Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter
  • Windy Castle Ride
Peppa Pig World Review

As well as the rides you can visit Peppa’s House, School, Campervan, play in the Muddy Puddles splash area or if the weather takes a turn there is an indoor play zone called George’s Spaceship which has a toddler and baby area – a cafe is inside too.

Our kids also enjoyed Mr Potato’s Playground. If you need to dry off head to the Raging Rivers ride and the giant ‘People Dryers’.

Peppa Pig World review

How long to Spend at Peppa Pig World?

Our group arrived one afternoon for about 2 hours after a long drive. For the second day, we were there from the Parks opening and stayed til about 2pm.

We didn’t get to ride on Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride or Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight because we chose to explore a bit more of Paultons Park. Having the visit spread out over two days meant we didn’t have to rush around quite so much.

Stamina wise, the kids handled it perfectly well. Taking a stroller or hiring one, helps when it’s nap time or if someone has tired legs. There is so much to see and do, you may find your little one will be fully charged all day and then sleep on the way home!

Other parts of Paultons Park

Although we didn’t fully get to explore Paulton’s Park, we did investigate the Dinosaur filled Lost Kingdom, Little Explorers and Critter Creek. The Cat-o-pillar roller coaster was a bit faster than expected but my 5 year old loved it! Professor Blast’s Express Train was a hit with my two year old.

My girls are dinosaur fans but the Alive show was VERY realistic! Although my 5-year-old was SUPER excited by the thought of it  – when the time came, she ran..!!

Paultons Park Alive

There is just so much to see and do but that’s for another day! For more information on Paultons Park, Sam from North East Family Fun has this review and Cathy from Mummy Travels has some information on the aviary and the gardens. If you would like to see foryourselff what the park is like, have a peek at Laura’s video of Paultons Park.

Food and Drink

The main cafe is near the entrance called ‘Wild Forest Family Restaurant’. This has a microwave for you to heat up any of your own baby food. Base Camp is located in the Lost Kingdom and is more fast food snacks.

There is also a Railroad Diner which is open seasonally. In Peppa Pig World is Daddy Pig’s Tummy Cafe. There are plenty of kiosks dotted around the place for ice-cream and hot dogs and other snacks.

Places to Stay Near Peppa Pig World

For a bumper guide on accommodation & hotels near Peppa Pig World, see here. It includes, hotels, camping site, lodges and even hotels with swimming pools close to Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World.

Our actual hotel stay and entry for a family of 4 cost £248 (with one under 1 metre) but we did opt to treat ourselves and stay in the 4* Solent Hotel in Hampshire. It is one of the hotels near Peppa Pig World with swimming pool.

There are several Peppa Pig World accommodation options of various distances and facilities so this will affect the price should you choose a Paulton Break.

If you purchase tickets in advance you can save approximately £4 per adult and around £10 with a family ticket. Children under 1 metre are free.

Things to Do Near Peppa Pig World

Hampshire and the New Forest have a plethora of things to do with kids. Here is my guide of things to do near Peppa Pig World and the surrounding area.

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Peppa Pig World review



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Su (

Sunday 24th of September 2017

Those Dinosaurs look amazing! You've really made me want to go, i'm now going to look at booking a trip!

Helena “TheQueenofCollage” TheQueenofCollage

Saturday 23rd of September 2017

I think my daughter would love to visit this theme park. Peppa Pig has taken over Thomas in terms of favouritism. #MyFamilyTravelTips


Friday 22nd of September 2017

We visited around 6 years ago I think (I had a very tiny baby strapped to me, I remember that much!) and it looks like the main part has changed a lot - my 6 year old would LOVE the dinosaurs!! #familytraveltips

Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker

Thursday 21st of September 2017

My girls all loved Peppa Pig when they were little (they're now 10, 9 and 7 so a little bit old now) but we never made it down to Paulton's Park. Seeing this post I kind of wish we had!

Johlene Orton

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Looks like such a fun place for kids! Love it!!

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