Cybex Mios Review

Cybex Mios Review – A Compact, Breathable & Light Stroller

As you know, I’m an avid traveller with active kids and a dog! We previously used a fairly large travel system which was great for all terrain, but not necessarily the most practical for last minute dismantling at the airport gate – with a queue of passengers behind you, or for navigating through narrow shop doorways! Since A was a tiny baby, strollers have evolved somewhat. The Cybex Mios is one of those. Whilst not sold as one of the ‘travel’ strollers that can pass as cabin baggage, it is still lightweight and compact – without compromising the comfort we enjoyed with its predecessor.

We were given the Cybex Mios to review and put it through its paces with my 2-year-old. (We already own the Cybex Q3  car-seat so were aware of the brand and liked how the car seat performed well with the Which? tests. Plus the overall style was a bonus.).

“The narrow design glides through the urban bustle with ease. Compact, flexible, functional, and stylish – ideally suited to the needs of modern parents.”

We have recently moved to a small village, where we lack urban bustle but the streets are narrow and a few walks are distinctly off roading!  This was the Cybex Mios’ first test. Putting the stroller together initially was quite intuitive. Parts easily slotted together and I barely needed to look at the instruction manual. My only struggle was with attaching the hood to the pram – I didn’t press firmly enough for it to clip to the frame and hesitated to do so as there was no ‘click’ marked on the instruction booklet. (Other instructions mention the click.). Once I passed this hurdle we were good to go. It was such a sunny hot day, that the canopy hood was an absolute must. Thankfully, the extendable UPF 50+ canopy provided a decent amount of coverage.

We started our walk along the pavement and then moved off road. Although it is recommended predominantly for city usage on smooth terrain, the pushchair easily maneuvered around a gate to reach the riverside and the wheel suspension provided a comfortable ride over the grassy bumps.The front swivel wheels made it easy to navigate the streets too. Despite the weather being very hot, the mesh breathable fabric helped to keep her cool. (For cooler days, a padded inlay is available as an optional extra.)

Cybex Mios Review

Cybex Mios Review

The Mios Seat can be adjusted to different positions, offering the option to recline all the way back for a flat bed like seat by using the silver handle behind the canopy. Helpfully, the leg rest can be adjusted to 3 different positions. Again, these functions are intuitive and user-friendly. Simply press the two silver buttons on either side of the footrest to adjust.

Our next journey was into Stamford, a historic Georgian town, with some wobbly pavements and cobbles plus narrow doorways. No trip there is made without a visit to our favourite cafe the Fine Food Store, which is always bustling with customers. I’ve never taken a pram in there before (due to the size of our old one and being reluctant to encroach on others’ space) – but with this compact pushchair, I felt emboldened. Great news  – it fitted through the narrow doorway whereas my old pram would need both doors to be open.

Cybex Mios Review


Even though I was just getting used to the all the functions, the one handed folding mechanism was simple to use, and the useful handle meant I could quickly stow the Mios out of the way of other customers and sit down to enjoy our cake!

Cybex Mios Review

Cybex Mios Review

Stowing the stroller in our car was easy too. Admittedly we do have a large boot ( remember the Labrador!) but this pushchair took up noticeably less space than its predecessor and could easily be stowed upright or on its side. The convenient handle at the top makes it easy to lift. I also liked that the pushchair could be folded with one hand! Very handy when you have a wriggly toddler!


Worth mentioning

The Cybex Mios also comes with car seat adaptors (suitable for use with cybex infant seats and gb car seats) plus a raincover. The Mios has a reversible seat unit – meaning if the pram is forward or parent-facing, the seat unit can be turned in the desired direction in an instant. The Memory-buttons provide easy click-on and -off from the seat unit.

Cybex Mios features I loved

  • Innovative one-hand folding mechanism which enables you to fold the pushchair up into self-standing mode quickly and simply.
  • The mesh breathable fabric – made a very hot day a comfortable one.
  • The large UPF 50+ hood

Vital stats

  • Width Unfolded: 50 cm in width
  • Dimensions Folded: Length: 75 cm / Width: 50 cm / Height: 39 cm
  • Weight:  8.7 kg
  • Retail price: £600

Find out more about the Cybex Mios.

If you are interested in lighter strollers for travel, read here.

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  1. I’m really quite impressed with this sroller. It looks so easy to use given any situation. I love how compact it is folded down too

  2. Thanks for the great review! I have a question. I currently live in a small town in Europe where all of the streets are cobblestone. I know it has all wheel suspension, but the wheels are pretty small. Do you think this would work for an infant with car seat over cobblestone? Also, can you describe how it fared on other terrain (grass, dirt, sand, snow, etc.)? Thank you!

  3. Thank you for for your comprehensive review. The stroller does look compact and stylish and I loved the fact that it has many intuitive positions.
    The mesh fabric is also nice, but a lot of strollers have that these days. What I really have a problem with is the 600 GBP retail price.

        • Thanks, I’ve found it but now I’m not finding the color I want for the inlsy; do u know if any other colors exist for the inlay other than grey, black, red in the U.S? I really liked the mystic pink but am only finding it for sale in other countries. Thanks

  4. Hi! Thanks for the great review! I am wondering about the mesh fabric on the leg rest. Isn’t that going to rip quickly? I just imagine what happens when a toddler climbs into the stroller- first step is on the mesh.. or just a regular kicking while sitting in the stroller.. would love to hear an experienced response

  5. Hello, I really enjoyed your review. We currently own a Maclaren Techno XT and are looking to replace it with the Mios as my baby will be in an infant car seat much longer than expected. We do about one major trip to Europe per year, most of the usage will be in cities and in malls. Do you think cobblestones would hurt this stroller? Is it light enough to just pick up and carry if you need to go downstairs?

    • It is pretty light. Re cobble stones i’m not sure but it managed over the grass terrain well for us. i think with cobbles it will always be a bit of a bumpy ride – it was even with our large bugaboo.

  6. Hi! thank for the great review. I am looking for a travel stroller for my 6 months daughter and I can’t decide which one to pick: Mios or Yoyo. How did you transport this stroller on the plane to avoid damaging? It would be great to hear any advices. Thanks

  7. Hi, I would like to ask you something. What about winter whether, especially snow? How does it manage? I’m pregnant and planning to buy this stroller (2 in 1). This would be my only one. Thank you for all the vital info!

    • Hi, I haven’t used this in the snow. It’s meant to be more of a city pram rather than a general off roader like the ones that have larger wheels with tread.

  8. Thank you for a grate review! I´m in the process of buying one and wonder if you would recommend black or grey fabric and why? Best regards Katrine

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