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YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel Review For Families

Ahoy there, fellow wanderers and explorers! Seeking accommodation in Amsterdam that mixes city charm with a touch of maritime fun?

Look no further than YAYs Amsterdam Maritime for family-friendly convenience

YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel Review

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With selected decor capturing the essence of the seas and thoughtful family-friendly amenities, YAYs Amsterdam Maritime was perfect for our visit to Amsterdam.

Outside YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel, Netherlands

About The YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel

Originally a 17th-century warehouse, YAYs Amsterdam Maritime was a bustling trade hub in Amsterdam’s Golden Age. Today, it stands as a testament to the city’s rich seafaring heritage, with its restored facade and sea-inspired interiors serving as an immersive time capsule.

Don’t expect dusty relics and solemn whispers of the past; instead historic beams meet modern decor. The hotel manages to strike that delicate balance, offering a glimpse into Amsterdam’s yesteryears while ensuring your stay is wrapped in the warmth of modern hospitality.

From the lobby adorned with maritime artifacts to rooms that seamlessly blend comfort with a touch of seafaring charm.

Amenities and Perks at YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel

At YAYs Amsterdam Maritime you can expect useful family comforts whilst away.

From flat-screen TVs to Wi-Fi in rooms, it’s easy for everyone to unwind in their preferred way after a day of exploring.

It’s close to the D&A Hummus Bistro for lunch and a short walk into the main sights of Amsterdam.

Living room area in the YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel, Netherlands
Our Yays Duplex

Choosing Your Quarters at YAYs Amsterdam Maritime

At YAYs Amsterdam Maritime, you have a variety of rooms to choose from, each tailored to meet your family’s needs and preferences, offering a range from cozy retreats to more spacious options. You’ll find a total of 6 serviced apartment options.

While the first three are for solo travelers and pairs, the rest are for larger families so make your picks accordingly!

Studio Apartments

The studios at YAYs suit solo travelers or couples seeking a comfortable, modern stay. These spaces feature an open kitchen, dining area, and a sleek washroom.

Exposed beams and skylights contribute to the cozy ambiance. Ideal for two guests, the apartment includes all essential amenities, from WiFi to a workspace, making it perfect for your work or leisure stay!

Duplex Studio for 2

The Duplex Studio for 2 offers separate sleeping and living areas, giving you ample space. Alongside a fully equipped kitchenette, you’ll find a roomy bed, storage compartments, and a separate living area on a different floor.

The spacious and stylish mezzanine is convenient for those who appreciate elegant aesthetics.

Tower Suite

Savor breakfast with a stunning panoramic view of the historic neighborhood, all from the comfort of your bedroom within the Tower Suite. The carefully curated decor harmonizes beautifully with the city’s heritage, offering a truly grand experience.

Guests delight in the elevated dining area’s high window and the bedroom situated on the upper level.

Young girl sitting on bed, double bed and single bed in room at YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel, Netherlands

Duplex Studio for 4 – Where we stayed.

The Duplex Studio has a bedroom with a double bed, space for a single bed in the loft area and a double sofa bed downstairs – easily accommodating up to four guests. Our stay in this room was perfect for our needs.

Natural light floods in, creating an inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements Amsterdam’s vibrant atmosphere.

We particularly loved the compact kitchen, ideal for enjoyable family meals that turned simple dinners into cherished moments. Just a heads-up, navigating the stairs might need a bit of attention during your stay with younger ones as they are quite steep.

Kitchenette YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel, in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Family Apartment

If you’re a family that loves extra space and a dash of style, the Family Apartment has your name written all over it. Picture separate sleeping spots, a cozy living room, and a kitchen that’s packed with all the kitchen equipment you could wish for.

It feels like your own little sanctuary right in the middle of the city’s buzz!

Sure, it’s an open space, so some might feel it’s less private than other rooms. But that’s the thing. It’s designed for bringing families together.

With all that room, you can create memorable moments together, making it an ideal choice if you’re after a family-friendly vibe. It’s all about enjoying the charms of Amsterdam while having that comfy and free space to call your own.

Duplex One Bedroom

The Duplex One Bedroom comfortably accommodates larger groups, offering space for up to six individuals. It features two distinct sleeping areas – a bedroom and a spacious mezzanine.

Moreover, the living area includes a sofa bed suitable for two young kids. With the bedroom situated on the upper floor, it provides an added layer of privacy while creating a lively living space downstairs.

This unique layout caters perfectly to those traveling with friends or extended family. For discerning travelers seeking meticulous attention to detail, the Duplex One Bedroom at YAYs Amsterdam Maritime stands as the pinnacle of modern elegance.


Make the most of your stay in this culturally rich town with the assistance of YAYS. Their specially curated YAYS Neighborhood Experiences, crafted by hotel insiders and local guides, offer an authentic exploration of the town.

These unique itineraries take you on a journey to discover local businesses, native cuisine, and cultural activities, tailored to suit your preferences.

The personalized trips allow you to meet local residents with fascinating stories, offering a glimpse into the essence of the town. Additionally, as part of the Neighborhood Experiences, enjoy exclusive offers and discounts at select stores.

From hidden gems to beloved local spots, the YAYS Neighborhood Experiences promise an authentic and immersive touring encounter. And whenever you need guidance or recommendations, the welcoming YAYS Insiders at the property are there to assist, providing warm hospitality and helpful suggestions.

Getting to YAYs Amsterdam Maritime Hotel

Ready to start planning your Amsterdam journey to YAYs Amsterdam Maritime? Let me tell you how you can navigate your way there smoothly.

Whether you prefer trains, rental cars, or taxis, I’ve got the tips to make your trip a breeze.

If you’re a fan of public transport, catch a direct train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station (15-20 minutes). Then, hop on Tram 4 or Tram 14 for a 10-minute ride to the “Nieuwezijds Kolk” tram stop, just a short walk from the hotel.

The public transport route is cost-effective and eco-friendly, ideal for families with older children who can navigate the tram adventure.

If you prefer to drive yourself, rent a car from the airport and take the A4 highway (around 20 minutes). The hotel offers convenient underground parking. Just keep in mind the city’s traffic and parking fees.

Looking for convenience? Grab a taxi at Schiphol Airport for a quick 30-minute ride.

While a tad bit pricier, it is a door-to-door service, making it a luxury that some families might consider well worth the cost. Just remember, Amsterdam’s city layout can get busy, so plan for this option accordingly.

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