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Why You Should Visit Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands

Enter the enchanting realm of Sprookjeswonderland, a magical world in the heart of the Netherlands where fairy tales come alive! It’s more than a theme park; it’s a place that charms both kids and the young at heart. It’s the perfect place for toddlers, preschoolers and those 8 and under. We did this as a family of four as a day trip from Amsterdam.

You’ll find themepark rides, beloved characters, surprises at every corner, and landscapes inspired by timeless stories. With attractions and gardens, it’s not just fun; it’s a fairy tale in real life. Like Efteling but smaller.

Join me as we delve deeper into why Sprookjeswonderland is a must-visit destination for all ages!

Why You Should Visit Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands

What is Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park?

Imagine a world where enchanting castles, friendly dragons, and talking animals thrive in lush gardens, all straight out of your favorite storybooks.

Established in 1973, this park was a dream come true, aiming to breathe life into timeless fairy tales and offer families an escape into these cherished stories.

Starting as a passion project, Sprookjeswonderland has grown into a popular destination, drawing adults seeking nostalgia and children hungry for magical adventures.

With attractions like the Fairytale Forest and delightful carousels, it’s a family-friendly place to explore the captivating world of these tales.

I couldn’t wait to visit with my girls, as they loved Efteling so I knew this would also appeal.

With entrance fees from €14.50  it is very affordable, compared to Disneyland Paris

Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands

Attractions at Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park

Fairytale Forest

Ever wandered into Fairytale Forest? At Sprookjeswonderland, it’s the ultimate highlight!

In this one-of-a-kind attraction, you’ll find yourself surrounded by towering trees, each one hiding a scene from a classic fairy tale. You might stumble upon Little Red Riding Hood or catch a glimpse of Cinderella’s carriage tucked away.

Red riding hood at Fairytale Forest in
Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands

The level of detail is mind-blowing; it’s like those stories have come alive!

This forest is a real treat for your senses, bursting with colors, lifelike characters, and even nature sounds to make it feel like you’re right in the story. Kids can interact with their favorite characters, turning a simple stroll into an adventure filled with magic.

Plus, there are some surprises too, introducing lesser-known tales that’ll excite both young and old.

Gnome Village at Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands

Gnome Village

Next stop at Sprookjeswonderland is the super cute Gnome Village, where you’ll step right into the world of these tiny creatures. The little village is filled with adorable gnome homes, each decked out with all sorts of tiny details showing how these gnomes live.

There are mini gardens and workshops, all designed to make you feel like you’ve shrunk down into their world.

What’s cool about the Gnome Village is that it’s interactive. Kids can explore the gnome houses and even join in on some fun activities.

It’s got this cozy vibe, and the gnomes are so friendly, they’ll make you feel right at home in their tiny community. Everything’s super well-crafted, blending in with nature around it, making it more than just a sight to see!

A badger seen at the petting zoo in Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands

De Bokkesprong Petting Zoo

If you’re all about getting up close with animals, don’t miss the De Bokkesprong Petting Zoo at the park. It’s a total paradise for animal lovers of any age.

Here, you can hang out with friendly goats, fluffy rabbits, and a bunch of other furry and feathered pals. Oh, and keep an eye out for deers, alpacas, kangaroos, and their little wallaby buddies too!

Kids can feed and pet these animals while the staff keeps a close eye, making it both enjoyable and educational. The zoo’s designed to be safe and entertaining, giving families a chance to bond while learning about how to care for these animals.

With its focus on hands-on experiences, the De Bokkesprong Petting Zoo is a standout spot in Sprookjeswonderland. It’s a fantastic break from the fairy-tale elements, bringing some real-world charm to this magical park.

Rides and Attractions

  • Jack and the Beanstalk carousel where you float around the beanstalk in a bean!
  • Swinging Ship ride
classic car track in Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands
  • Classic Car driving track
  • A toy pony track
  • Park Train
  • Pied Piper of Hamelin ride: Ride in a pedal bike on a track in the shape of a rat. 
  • The Float Boats: drive a ladybird boat solo around a track. It was great that my girls could do this independently.
  • Traditional Carousel
  • The Witch Edition: Watch the witch conjure up magic potions!

Ornamental Gardens

The Ornamental Gardens at Sprookjeswonderland is a year-round treat for families and nature fans. This place has it all, gorgeous flowers, fun activities, and plenty of space to explore.

In spring, the gardens explode with tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms in all shades, making it a perfect spot for a stroll. Summer brings out lush hedges, interestingly-shaped plants, and tons of flowers, plus it’s a great place for kids to run around.

When autumn hits, the colours change to warm earthy tones, and it’s a lovely time to wander and maybe collect some leaves. Even in winter, when flowers take a break, the gardens are still charming with arches, fountains, and sculptures.

There are themed sections with pathways to explore, and parents can chill out in cozy corners while kids go on adventures. Plus, there’s plenty of open space for picnics or games.

Besides all the beauty, the gardens host fantastic events like flower festivals and outdoor concerts. And they’ve got programs to teach kids about nature and gardening.

Whether you’re into gardening or just want a relaxed spot for your family, the Ornamental Gardens at Sprookjeswonderland have something for everyone, all year long.

Kids playing in the playground at Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands

Playground Wonderland

The Playground Wonderland at Sprookjeswonderland is a fantastic place for families with kids to have some fun! This spot is perfect for kids to play and use their imagination.

In spring and summer, the playground is full of colorful equipment surrounded by flowers and trees. Kids can climb, slide, and have a great time.

In fall, it becomes a place where kids can play in crunchy leaves. Even in winter, there’s still fun stuff to do with strong equipment and open spaces.

The layout includes themed play zones, each catering to different age groups. Toddlers can safely explore age-appropriate structures, while older kids can challenge themselves on more adventurous equipment. My kids spent a while here!

Picnic areas nearby allow families to take a break and enjoy snacks or a packed lunch.

The Playground Wonderland also has events for families, like seasonal games and interactive shows that are a lot of fun. Whether it’s a day of climbing, sliding, and running during the warmer months or a winter wonderland of play, the educational play installations at the Playground Wonderland foster learning in a fun environment.

Fairytale Winterland

When winter arrives, Sprookjeswonderland transforms into a magical place you’ve got to see. Fairytale Winterland at Sprookjeswonderland is a winter wonderland full of festive vibes.

Plus, the park gets covered in snow, making it the perfect spot for a magical winter adventure!

They illuminate the pathways with twinkling lights, creating a wonderfully cozy atmosphere. As you stroll, indulge in delicious treats like cinnamon delights and roasted chestnuts, all while soaking in the stunning lights.

Kids entering Fairytale Winterland at Sprookjeswonderland Theme Park in the Netherlands

The Snow Queen’s Palace steals the show—an amazing ice sculpture aglow with vibrant colors. Kids will have a blast crafting snowmen, getting a hand from friendly elves.

And for those who love ice skating, there’s a rink for you to glide and twirl around on.

Even the fairytale characters get dressed up for winter, which adds a nice touch. They’ve got storytelling sessions too, all about winter-themed tales.

And don’t miss the nightly light show. It’s seriously enchanting and lights up the whole park.

Fairytale Winterland at Sprookjeswonderland is the perfect place to feel the holiday spirit, mixing fairytales with the magic of winter. Don’t forget – Fairytale Winterland is only open during select dates in the winter.

If you’re planning to visit, make sure to check the website to find out the correct dates before heading down!

Culinary Corner

At Sprookjeswonderland’s Culinary Corner, families can dive into a culinary adventure that suits everyone’s tastes. The dining spots here offer a bunch of delicious options for both quick bites and hearty meals.

Right in the heart of the park, you’ll find cozy cafes and colorful kiosks. They’ve got everything from fresh pastries to snacks that kids love, perfect for refueling during your park explorations.

If you prefer a sit-down meal, check out the Family Feast Hall. Parents can enjoy different cuisines while kids pick from a menu made just for them.

The hall’s set up for families of all sizes, so you’ll have a comfy mealtime.

There are also picnic spots scattered around if you want to bring your own food. They’ve got seating surrounded by greenery, making it a nice spot for a family picnic.

And for those with a sweet tooth, the Candy Cottage is a must-visit. They’ve got all sorts of candies, chocolates, and desserts to treat everyone.

The Culinary Corner hosts cool events like cooking workshops for kids, making dining fun and educational. They also have seasonal food festivals and special themed dining nights, adding some excitement to mealtime.

Whether you want a quick bite, a relaxed meal, or something sweet, the Culinary Corner at Sprookjeswonderland has options that’ll please everyone in your family, creating delicious moments and lasting memories in the park.

Why choose Sprookjeswonderland for your family outing? Because it’s a place filled with laughter, magic, and memories that’ll stick around forever.

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