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Brilliant Magnetic Travel Games for Kids 2024

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Magnetic games are the perfect travel companion for all members of the family: they require no preparation, they’re small to carry and give instant fun. Nearly every game that exists has a magnetic equivalent making them perfect to pack in your hand luggage or pop into the back of the car for those long journeys.

Not only will your child already know the rules but there will no need to constant search for missing pieces or pick up those stray counters as they all (mostly!) stay attached to the board.

Magnetic games for toddlers range from magnetic travel toys to magnetic travel board games which make them ideal whatever age you are trying to amuse. Here are some of the best travel magnetic games for all of the family:

For the younger ones:

There’s nothing more irritating than completing a puzzle and realising you are missing a piece but fear not, magnetic puzzles are here to save the day. This is great for special awareness and hand-eye co-ordination so will keep your little one busy for hopefully, lots of time.

Gone are the days of the simple black and white, erasable drawing board! New versions are magnetic drawing boards which come with stamps, the ability to draw/write in different colours and are a small size perfect for travel. Your child can use this to write, draw, colour, play games and use their imagination… the possibilities are endless!

Magnetic blocks or tiles are another alternative magnetic travel toy for younger kids to develop and use their imagination, creativity and building skills. How tall can you build a tower, can you guess what I’ve built or creating buildings you have seen on your travels – these magnetic blocks or tiles will be loved by all of the family. 

Matching Pairs Magnetic tin are an easy game for little ones. Find the matching pairs by remembering where you last saw the image. This classic matching pairs game tests memory and often comes with large pieces making them easy to manipulate with little fingers.

Magnetic sticker books offer a great reusable option; what’s the worst but about sticker books? When you’ve used up all of the stickers! This is not an issue with a magnetic sticker book as the pieces are reusable and you won’t find a rogue sticker on your back or in your hair Mums/Moms and Dads!

Magnetic fishing games are classic ways to entertain. Each game comprises of colourful fish and fishing rods for your toddler to pick up over, and over… and over, and over!

Melissa and Doug magnetic dress up kits. Even now, we all dream of a wardrobe full of beautiful outfits and the ability to swap and change these to test what looks best in the morning. This magnetic dress up game can fulfil that dream with a repertoire of clothes to dress up and image in as many variations as you can imagine.

For ages 4 years to 8 years:

For slightly older children a magnetic Bingo Travel Game can be fun with plenty of different options. Bingo can range from numbers or pictures to cover meaning they are ideal for a range of ages. This magnetic bingo game is easy and quick for those little times you need to fill perhaps whilst waiting for dinner or for a quick wait at the departure gate as they are easy to pack away too.

Magnetic Hangman travel game is another old favourite but without the need to rustle around in the bottom of your back for a scrap of paper and a working pen (why do we needlessly carry around so many that don’t?!). Great spelling practise with the added fun of body parts to add to your magnetic hangman.

Magnetic snakes and ladders is another classic. Magnetic board games are fun, competitive and easy to follow. The best bit about this being magnetic means no more losing the dice with any over zealous throws with this magnetic snakes and ladders!

This magnetic tangrams game for toddlers is not only ideal to make pictures with shapes, lending itself to discussing colours and shapes, but it can also challenge older peers to create specific shapes and images using the same equipment. Multi use games are a win every time!

Magnetic Ludo Travel Game is a classic family favourite which can be played by up to 4 players. Mini magnetic travel monopoly is also fab option to carry around as it never gets boring!

For ages 8 years old and up:

Just like the original game but only a smaller, foldable board with magnetic pieces to move. This magnetic game set is the perfect way to entertain older members of the family for prolonged periods of time (especially if the competition is fierce and it ends in a showdown of family members’ skills!)

Mini board game set offer several games in one.Many companies will sell a 6 in 1 magnetic games set which is fantastic if you are lacking in space. These often include: magnetic travel checkers, noughts and crosses (tic tac toe), chess, solitaire and much, much more. This magnetic travel games compendium could be great for the back of the car or to entertain for a whole holiday as there is a different game for each night.

A Magnetic travel quiz game is a fun, yet educational option, often taking the form of anagrams with a picture to help which can get those young minds ticking and occupied during those long flights or stuffy car journeys. Being pocket-sized means that your child can carry this with them wherever they go. Another popular travel game for older kids is scrabble. The magnetic tiles help keep everything altogether.

Brilliant Magnetic Travel Games for Kids 2024

For some non magnetic travel toys or travel games these posts will help too!

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