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Best Baby Travel Toys To Keep Little Ones Entertained

Although traveling with young babies is usually the ideal stage to travel with kids, (we found ours to be so portable and stay in one place at that age), little ones can still get bored and need a few bits to keep them occupied – especially if you have a long flight or a delay.

We always make sure we have a few baby travel toys to distract for whenever we are out and about. From experience, I’ve found everyday objects often make the best baby travel toys – which make them easy and cheap to source.

Some easy to make and lightweight toys I’ve made and used are included in this guide, as well as some great tried and tested travel toys for babies which can be easily purchased and used at home too. For older toddler travel toys see here.

best baby travel toys for the airplane

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These brilliant baby travel toys are lightweight, don’t take up much space and are ideal for trains, planes or as a boredom buster at a restaurant.

The Best Travel Toys for Babies

Once the in flight entertainment buttons, the seat belt and safety card novelty factors have worn off, these best baby toys for the airplane will help keep boredom at bay.

Best Travel Toys For Babies

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link toy being used on an airline bassinet, best travel toys
Using the link travel toys on a an airline baby bassinet


  • Cheap travel activities with bits from home make good toys for a plane trip.
  • Post it notes – kids love peeling them off and sticking them. Same for band aids/plasters.
  • You can also make puppets out of the on-board sick bags or paper cups if you are feeling creative! It’s amazing what you will do on a 15 hour flight!
  • The humble balloon! We always put a few in our luggage to inflate in the hotel room for a game of catch.
  • Coloured rice in a tic-tac or similar plastic container for a small rattle
toddler travel toy made out of a spice jar and pipe cleaner
  • An old spice jar and pipe cleaners can make a great fine motor skill activity, which is quiet too! Home made games make good toys for plane rides!
  • Small pom poms and a plastic tub with a lid with holes in – babies and toddler love ‘posting’ things so posting the pom poms can while away some time. This takes seconds to make and easily fits in a small Ziploc bag, with the activity above.
  • Use some old baby wipes lids to make a sensory toy or lift the flap toy like above – a really simple baby toy for airplane travel.
toddler travel toy wuth pom poms and a plastic bottle
baby travel toy which is sensory. Use a baby wipes lid
A baby travel toy which is sensory. Use a baby wipes lid to make!


Some airlines do provide a soft toy for younger babies and other inflight entertainment, but it’s best not to expect it as it is never guaranteed.

I do go into a lot of practical and detailed information and provide flying with a baby tips which cover everything you need to know from booking to arrival; including sleeping on a plane tips, requesting baby meals, breast feeding, baby bassinets, the best seats, complimentary airport strollers and so much more. I would definitely recommend a read after you have looked through this post.

Travel toys, Buckle Toy Whale- ideal for keeping toddlers and older babies busy on a flight or long car journey.
The buckle whale for babies and toddlers!

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Jenjo Games

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

This is such an interesting list of toys for kids that can keep them occupied for hours. Thanks for sharing the list, I am sure it would help many!

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