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Best Baby Travel Toys

Although traveling with young babies is usually the ideal stage to travel with kids, (they are so portable and stay in one place), little ones can still get bored and need a few bits to keep them occupied, especially if you have a long flight or a delay. Often, everyday objects make the best baby travel toys – which make them easy and cheap to source. Some easy to make and lightweight travel toys are included in this guide, as well as some great tried and tested travel toys for babies which can be easily purchased and used at home too. For older toddler travel toys see here.

best baby travel toys for the airplane

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These brilliant baby travel toys are lightweight, don’t take up much space and are ideal for trains, planes or as a boredom buster at a restaurant.

The Best Travel Toys for Babies

Once the in flight entertainment buttons, the seat belt and safety card novelty factors have worn off, these best baby toys for the airplane will help keep boredom at bay.


Some airlines do provide a soft toy for younger babies and other in flight entertainment, but it’s best not to expect it as it is never guaranteed.

I do go into a lot of practical and detailed information and provide flying with a baby tips which cover everything you need to know from booking to arrival; including sleeping on a plane tips, requesting baby meals, breast feeding, baby bassinets, the best seats, complimentary airport strollers and so much more. I would definitely recommend a read after you have looked through this post.

Tiny Love Spin Ball or the Tiny Love Explore and Play Apple

1. Tiny Love Spin Ball. This is a great sensory toy. Makes a click clack sound with its moving segments and also has a mirrored inside. The bobbles on the outside are great to develop the sense of touch, the colours are great and my little one has played with since about 4 months and at a year still loved it. For 6 months plus. For more information see here

Tiny Love Explore and Play Apple is a fun play apple which can be rolled when closed and has several different activities inside. Including crinkly fabric leaf, push and pop caterpillar and spinning colorful wheel. The leaf ring connector allows for it to be attached to your pushchair or car seat.

Stacking cups.

2. Stacking Cups. Little ones love putting things in them and taking them out again. I particularly liked this bath set from Munchkin. which is neatly stacked for hand luggage and ideal for in and out of water. We found these cups were great to play with in a bath or a pool at the destination too.

The cups are in bright colours so the have an educational element to them too as little one can learn the colours and develop their fine motor skills when stacking them. They also have the option of being stuck together to form a caterpillar and for pouring water with different perforations. These were definitely one of our go to’s for travelling as they are perfect for small babies, one -year-olds and older toddlers too. For more information see here.

Melissa And Doug’s Take Along Shape Sorter

3. Melissa And Doug’s Take Along Shape Sorter. A popular game for little hands and one that is easy to transport whilst traveling. It does have pieces which could drop, but this is useful for little ones to play with in the more secure airplane bassinet or at your destination.

melissa and doug shape sorter travel toy

Includes a padded case with 2 activity sides and a take-along handle, plus 9 shaped, textured blocks in various colours. For more information see here

Sassy Ring-O-Links Teethers

4. Sassy Ring-O-Links Teethers are the perfect airplane toy for babies. These were a firm favourite since ours was a tiny baby and she still loved them as a small toddler.  The bright colours engage and provide visual stimulation, whereas the links have different textures on which appeals to babies sense of touch.

Sassy Ring O Links Teethers make a great travel toy for babies

All linked together they can be used as a rattle, or separately as a teether. Another very versatile toy. They work brilliantly on airline bassinets!and are ideal for travel car seats tooFor more information see here.

link toy being used on an airline bassinet, best travel toys

Buckle Toy

5. My 1 year old LOVED this buckle toy whale  and it kept her so busy. So many people have sung its praises to me after purchasing it. I firmly believe it’s one of the best travel toys for a 1 year old and often buy it as a travel gift for friends with little ones.

The Buckle Toy Whale has several buckles to do up and a zip mouth. The only issue is once they master the buckle, you may get asked a few times to unbuckle it, until they discover that skill.

Nonetheless, it has easily occupied her for over 30 minutes. A firm favourite on all our journeys, car included.  It’s one of the best toddler toys for airplane use, because it is so quiet. For more information and for other buckle toys, see here:

Travel toys, Buckle Toy Whale- ideal for keeping toddlers and older babies busy on a flight or long car journey.

Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy

6. This Melissa and Doug wiggling worm grasping toy is suitable for babies aged 6 months+.  The wooden worm is painted with non toxic paint and can bend and twist in variations ways and has easy to grasp sections for little fingers. Best of all it’s a quiet toy for airplane use and all in one piece, so no lost parts.

Good Night, Teddy

7. Soft cloth book. One of my favourites is Good Night, Teddy. Available from Amazon. My 7-month-old loved watching me taking the teddy out and putting him in a different place on each page.  A great interactive and educational book. For more information see here.

Find The ..’ book series

8. Some favourite books include the ‘Find The .. series  Lots of things to spot on each page and a complete classic. Both have loved this book so much that I had to buy two copies due to over use!

Find the Duck - great book for babies and toddler when travelling.
Find the Duck

9. and also the Julia Donaldson ‘Lift the Flap’ series. Fox’s Socks, Hide and Seek Pig etc.  Again lots of things to spot and fun lifting the flaps to see who is hiding.

The pictures are by Axl Schelffler and are so engaging. It’s easy to see why these books are so popular with young children. Both of mine loved them from an early age and now the older one reads it to my youngest. Win win! For more information on this and others in the series, see here.

Soft Activity Busy Books

10. Activity Busy Books have pages with quiet, sensory types of activities kids can do which often teach them practical skills (think: zips, buttons, laces and buckles etc.)


  • Cheap travel activities with bits from home make good toys for a plane trip.
  • Post it notes – kids love peeling them off and sticking them. Same for band aids/plasters.
  • You can also make puppets out of the on-board sick bags or paper cups if you are feeling creative! It’s amazing what you will do on a 15 hour flight!
  • The humble balloon! We always put a few in our luggage to inflate in the hotel room for a game of catch.
  • Coloured rice in a tic-tac or similar plastic container for a small rattle
  • As pictured above the sweetie necklace with strawberry laces and Cheerios.
toddler travel toy made out of a spice jar and pipe cleaner
  • An old spice jar and pipe cleaners can make a great fine motor skill activity, which is quiet too! Home made games make good toys for plane rides!
toddler travel toy wuth pom poms and a plastic bottle
  • Small pom poms and a plastic tub with a lid with holes in – babies and toddler love ‘posting’ things so posting the pom poms can while away some time. This takes seconds to make and easily fits in a small Ziploc bag, with the activity above.
baby travel toy which is sensory. Use a baby wipes lid
  • Use some old baby wipes lids to make a sensory toy or lift the flap toy like above – a really simple baby toy for airplane travel.

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Wednesday 26th of May 2021

This is such an interesting list of toys for kids that can keep them occupied for hours. Thanks for sharing the list, I am sure it would help many!