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Wynwood Buggies Tour Review – Why it’s A Must For Families!

press trip| During our most recent trip to Miami, we decided to try some unique activities from a science museum, an illusion museum and, this one, a fun Wynwood Buggies Tour.

Wynwood Buggies Tour Review - Why it’s A Must For Families!

If you’ve never been to Wynwood, then you may be wondering what exactly these buggies take you on a tour of. And well, the tour runs past the Wynwood walls art walk—beautiful graffiti masterpieces that are dotted all around the Wynwood area. Many have a story to tell, which is why a tour guide is essential. With Wynwood Buggies, a tour guide is an artist themselves,. We highly recommend Ange!

Wynwood Buggy Tour graffiti wall painting of a boy sitting on a flower

The graffiti throughout Wynwood is absolutely incredible. And it gives the neighbourhood a vibrant atmosphere that you likely won’t get to experience anywhere else.

For this reason, we decided to get involved with the tour. And if you’re looking for things to do in Wynwood, Miami—especially unique attractions—then a Wynwood Buggie Tour will be right up your alley.

Wynwood Buggy Tour golf cart

Wynwood Street Art, Miami

Tony Goldman—founder of Goldman Properties—established the Wynwood Walls in 2009 with the hopes of fostering a community of artists who could come together to showcase their talent and creativity. 

Over time, Wynwood has evolved into Miami’s most vibrant neighbourhood. And as artists add new pieces fairly regularly, no matter how many times you visit Wynwood, you’ll always experience something different. 

Messi, Wywwood Miami
Wynwood Buggy Tour brightly coloured graffiti wall
Graffiti of a woman with a panther and a humming bird
Graffiti wall of people
The art that started it all – with Joker added more recently.
Graffiti walls in a car park

Different Wynwood Buggies Tour Options

Wynwood Buggies has a few different tour options for you to choose from, with both standard and private tours available. Here are Wynwood Buggies’ different tour packages: 

  • Wynwood Walking Tour – You can ditch the buggy entirely and head out on a walking tour with a knowledgeable tour guide.
  • Wynwood Graffiti Golf Cart Tour – This hour-long experience will take you—and a guide—by golf buggy through the streets of Wynwood to see all the graffiti that the neighbourhood has to offer. You may even get to talk to the local Wynwood artists who painted the pieces.
  • Wynwood Tour Guide Tour by Street Artist – On this tour, instead of being with a standard guide, you’ll head out to the walls with a real street artist who can give you an insider’s perspective on the creativity and vision that comes with these incredible works of art.
  • Wynwood Tour Guide Tour by Graffiti Writer – Miami-based graffiti writer Crook will take you on a tour of the walls and the Museum of Graffiti, where he will show you some of his own personal work. 
  • Wynwood Buggies Graffiti Class – Have you ever wanted to learn how to graffiti? Well, with the Wynwood Buggies Graffiti Class, you can do just that. During this class, you’ll learn the basics of using spray paint. And you’ll even have the opportunity to leave your mark in Wynwood. 

Wynwood Buggies also has combo tickets available, meaning you can experience their tours with the added bonus of entry into the Miami Paradox Museum for a discounted price! There are also private tours if you’d prefer to have the golf buggy to yourself. 

Family at Paradox museum Miami
Paradox Museum Miami

Is a Wynwood Buggie Tour Suitable for Children? 

Yes! If you’re contemplating what to do in Wynwood, Miami, with kids, then the Wynwood Buggies tour is a great option! 

I took my two girls on a golf cart tour—they also would have been fine on a walking tour but in August it was pretty hot—and they absolutely loved it! With so many cool—and colourful—pieces of artwork to explore, it’s hard not to be mesmerised by the Wynwood walls.

The tour is only an hour or so long, which in my opinion, is the perfect amount of time to keep little ones engaged, especially with such interesting and knowledgeable tour guides.

Two girls standing by a Wynwood Miami graffiti wall that says Miami Wynwood on it with a rainbow and green and red characters

Wynwood Buggie Tour Pricing

The pricing of the Wynwood Tours varies from tour to tour. But you can expect to pay around $25 per adult for a walking tour. Kids under 12 go on walking tours for free.

For golf buggy tours, adult tickets will be roughly $45 and kids tickets (6-14) will be $30. Kids 5 and under go free.

For private tours, tours with graffiti artist guides, and the graffiti class, ticket prices will be slightly higher. But you can check out the Wynwood Buggie Tour website for more information.

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