WIN! One of these 3 Prize Family Travel Bundles

As a thank you to my lovely readers, for almost reaching 100,000 page views these last couple of months and for your support over the years, I have a fantastic bundle of prizes which will hopefully make your next family travel adventure a little bit easier! There are 3 bundles, so hopefully whatever the age of your kids, one will appeal!

Bundle 1

Bundle 1

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  • Win 1 Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air worth £159.99. This Baby Bjorn carrier is made of 3D mesh, can be used from newborn to 3 years and has various different babywearing options. The mesh patented fabric has been specifically developed to more breathable and soft against the baby’s delicate skin, so it’s ideal for travelling. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested Baby Carrier One and acknowledges it as a “hip-healthy” baby carrier.


  • Win a months supply of Piccolo organic Baby Food goodies. They are a great option for parents to take either on the plane to keep little tummies full on long flights or to pack into your suitcase to give little ones when abroad. And the best thing about all of these are that they don’t need to be kept refrigerated so can easily be taken on the plane or kept in a hotel room!


  • Win 1 Thule Sapling Elite carrier RRP £220. This intuitive child carrier by Thule, safely and comfortably carries your precious cargo while on the trail, plus effortlessly transitions between parents with its simple torso and hip belt adjustments.

Bundle 2

Bundle 2

  • Win 1 Venom BMX Bike Mini in red worth £129.99  Enjoy this stunt bike from  which kids, teens and adults can use.  Tricks, jumps and stunts aren’t a problem with mini-bmx’s!


  • Win your choice of a pink or blue new KURIO® Tab Connect (RRP £99.99). This tablet allowing parent and child to talk, send messages and play games together straight from their smart phone direct to the child’s KURIO Tab Connect! You can even switch the tablet off or change the volume remotely – giving parents ultimate control. The tablet also comes with a built in blue light filter – allowing parents to alter the blue light emitted from the screen and avoid strain on the child’s eyes. On the shelves this October and available to pre-order from Symths Toys, the tablet has already won the highly coveted Loved By ParentsGold Award 2018.

Bundle 3 Big Retreat Wales

Bundle 3

  • Win family tickets and a camping pitch to the Big Retreat Wales Festival 2019. This family friendly festival runs from the 24th – 27th May 2019. Super early bird tickets are currently on sale for £99 per adult (normally £169) and for children aged 6-14 £45 (normally £55) .
  • Whilst adults get to enjoy bushcraft, arts and crafts, fitness, wellbeing and gin making workshops and more; kids will enjoy loads of inspirational, creative and learning activities -including walkabout theatre, discos, arts and crafts, kids’ yoga, nature walks, bug hunts, cookery classes and singing. There are also fairground rides and they get their very own fitness classes too.

Entry conditions

  • To enter simply follow the instructions below on Rafflecopter. There are 3 quick & easy parts to the competition  – add the comment needed to the bottom of this post! Look out for bonus entries too!


  • It’s for UK residents aged over 18 only (but stay tuned for worldwide competitions for the future)
  • Further terms and conditions are here.
  • Competition closes on Sunday 14th October 2019 at 11pm UK time.
  • Winner will be announced Monday 15th October and choosen randomly.
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  1. 1) I would like to see more reviews of places to go with kids in the UK. Always good to know places that are well-worth the travel!

    2) Bundle 2

  2. i like the page about areas in UK to visit but it would be nice to have it divided into northern ireland, scotland, wales and england. i would love some ideas of places to visit in n.ireland!

    hard choice between 1 or 2! i would love either. probably get more use out of 2! fab prizes

  3. I would like to see reviews on affordable / budget destinations and places for families or ways to make it easier / cheaper when you can’t go on holidays in term time. Bundle 2 please

  4. 1) I would love to see more trips and “hacks” about how to travel whilst potty training

    2) I’d love to win bundle 1 please

  5. It is a great blog Carrie, I now struggle with costs of flights so tips on what time of year to travel to different locations for the best price would be great. . I love thto travel and would love my girls to. Any help and advice is much appreciated.
    I’d love to be entered into competition bundle two. Thank you

  6. I’d like an article on how to make travelling in the school holidays more affordable. Tips and tricks on it :).

    I’d like to win Bundle 2 most as the Kurio looks amazing!

  7. I love seeing articles about far flung places that are out of the norm, with greath tips on saving money not just the bog standard ones, but really clever ones.
    I love bundle 2 or 3, both look fab.

  8. 1) Reviews on LUSH products that would be good for sensitive skin on children 🙂

    2) 2 or 3! ideally but 3 because a holiday to wales would remind me of childhood! we have never been with my children.
    Thanks for the AAMZING chances guys!

  9. 1. I would like to see any idea/tips on travelling while pregnant (different stages of pregnancy)
    2. Bundle 1 because we have one coming!

  10. 1. I’d like to read about how to de-escalate toddler tantrums while going through airport security.
    2. Bundle 1 would be perfect!

  11. 1. Sleep tips…how to get your child to sleep in his own room by himself without getting up every half an hour? 😉
    2. Bundle 2 would be lovely x

  12. 1. I’d like more information on how to find budget-busting family friendly holidays – especially camping abroad with children.
    2. Bundle 2 please

  13. 1. Id love to see tips on how to navigate long haul flights as a sole parent traveller with young children/babies

    2. I’d love bundle number 1

  14. 1. I would love tips for how to survive self catering with small children especially that all important settling in period – travel, orientation, stock up etc
    2. Bundle 3!

  15. I would love to see ideas on budget friendly day trips and short visits with children. And reviews on places to eat with the little ones. Many thanks.

    And Bundle 2 please.

    • Hi Rosey, thanks for you comment! I have lots of articles on here re tips and tricks for flying with an infant. Head to the menus BEFORE YOU BOOK, BEFORE YOU FLY and INFLIGHT for lots of helpful post on the topic 🙂

  16. 1) I would like to read about other people’s stories of travelling with their infants/ toddlers, or their experiences of a particular airline/ airport, and perhaps their thoughts on which of your tips and advice they found most useful.
    2) Bundle 1 for now, or Bundle 2 for the future

  17. Another vote for destination recommendations please. I love finding places that have lots of sightseeing / activity opportunities for the whole family, but have so little time to research at the moment, so some pointers would be sooo helpful!

    Bundle 2 please.

  18. I would love to see a comparison of the best holiday destinations with young babies (under 6 months) bearing in mind temperatures and time of year.

    And I would love to win prize 1 for our new arrival due in the spring 😊

  19. I have got a 3.5 year old daughter and a baby due on nov 9th 🙂 Would love to win this for my little family 🙂 Fingers crossed tight xxx

  20. I’d love to see a specific section about travelling with babies and toddlers in Japan in your Asia category, including family-friendly places to eat, sightsee and budget friendly indoor and outside play areas. It’s such a safe and beautiful country to visit and I’d love to take my children there someday but feel it’s quite daunting when factoring them in as I’ve only ever been with my husband!

    Bundle two would be amazing to win as well 😊🤞🏻

  21. Carrie you are doing fab here.

    I would love to see a blog post about top educational apps to use whilst on the plane.

    Also prize bundle 2 or 3 are fab.

  22. Hello…

    I would like to see tip on travelling with larger families (we are 5) and struggle to find reasonably priced hotels where we all fit in one room (kids too young to have a separate room)

    Bundle 2 would be my preference!

    Thank you

  23. Love your website, it has made travelling on 30 flights with my toddler smoother. I would love for you to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of a stop over and the best places to stop over (especially on the UK – Australia route!). I would love to win prize number 1.

  24. 1. would love to hear more about kids clubs when at home and abroad, what should I look for in a kids club, safety, activities etc
    2. all great prizes, would love to win bundle 3 as this is something my whole family could enjoy togther

  25. 1. Best places in the UK with sandy beaches (The amount of times we turn up and it’s pebbly!) Best holiday homes and B&Bs in Western Ireland
    2. I’d love Bundle 2

  26. Hi I would like to see more reviews of places to visit/holidays suitable for larger families(being a family of 8 ourselves)
    Bundle 2 please
    Thank you

  27. Would love tips on traveling with a fidgity 2 yr old potty trainee, litterally no idea how to cope with potty training on a plane
    All the bundles look fab, but would love bundle 1

  28. At what age would it be advisable to travel to India with a young baby/child to visit relatives living in India? I would like to read of the experiences of other families and would love to win Prize number 1.

  29. I know it’s best to choose night flights, but sometimes long distance flights are daytime only. Tips on how to entertain active toddlers while on a long distance flight would be great-my little boy doesn’t have the biggest degree of patience and most of the time I’ve explored all avenues after the first hour, so a few new idea will be helpful.

    Bundle 1 or 3 would be great as we love to be outside as a family

  30. I’d love to see financial hacks and budget tips on taking kids out in the UK. I’d love to win bundle 2 please. Everything seems out of reach financially and I never know where to look for advice and tips to get the most out of family time.

  31. Prize package one would be great as we are an outdoor kind of family. I would like to find out about child friendly holidays on an average household budget without having to go camping.

  32. I would love to win bundle 2 and would love to see more recommedations for families travelling with large child age gaps, perhaps reviews/suggestions on trips that suit both toddlers and pre-teens

  33. I would like to see advice on long stop overs in airports- are there breast feeding facilities / places to pump at specific airports.

    Bundle 1 please

  34. I would like to see advice on long stop overs in airports and whether there are breastfeeding friendly places to feed or pump available. Have a stop over in Dubai at the end of the month and am not 100% sure what to expect.

    Bundle 1 please

    ***comment reposted to include my name***

  35. 1) I would love to read about tips of hiring a car plus car seats – I read your article about car seats in the plane but xoucould find anything about car seats in a hire car or on a coach when you’re at your destination. It’s the main thing that’s stopped us going away with young children!

    2) I’d love to win bundle three please 🙂

  36. I’d like to win bundle 2 please. You could cover travel insurance price comparisons and accommodation comparisons and where to find good price deals – best websites to use.

  37. I’d like to see some advise on travelling with more than one child of very different ages . It can be difficult juggling the different needs. Bundle 2 for me please. Awesome #giveaway thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  38. Hi, I would like more info about booking hotels with kids. I notice that most of the time they stay free (under 4s) but if you declare kids on the search prices always go up.
    would love bundle 2, thank you

  39. We are potty training at the moment so any tips on going out and traveling when potty training would be very handy.
    I’d like bundle 2 please.

  40. There’s so much useful information that most of what need is covered, maybe travelling with and entertaining children with a big age gap? My lot are quite spread out! Bundle 2 looks great 🙂

  41. I would love posts on finding holidays and flying with various ages. I struggle with the different interest of my kids and also age limits for rides ect when we go away.

    I would love bundle 2

  42. 1. Would be great to get advice on dealing with anxious children with school, travel etc

    2. Bundle two would be fabulous.

  43. I would like to see more info regarding airport lounges around the UK and the facilities offer.

    Bundle 1 would be my top choice thanks.

  44. Great blog. 1) Tips on travelling on abudget – best times of year for cheaper flights, places offering discounts and offres
    20 Bundle 1 please

  45. Your blog is such a valuable resource already, it’s hars to find something you haven’t already covered! Perhaps flight offers that families can take advantage of? Although I can imagine that being hard to keep up with!

    My 3yo would LOVE bundle too.

    Fab comp. Xx

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