If you are looking for an EASY activity for bored kids, then planning a scavenger hunt might just be what you need! Here are some easy ideas & printable clues with answers

This guide has printable outdoor scavenger hunt clues, so you can  set these treasure hunt riddles up in minutes!   (I've included some indoor scavenger hunts too)

Hosting a scavenger hunt party for kids is easy: all you need are clues and either some small prizes along the way or a big prize to be shared for the end. Some theming ideas for a scavenger hunt at home include...

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

* Give each kid an adventurers hat  & toy magnifying glass before they begin their adventure. *  Kids can pick up toy bugs or themed animal erasers, pencils next to the clue. *Alternatively  , each item found must be something in the garden like a leaf, stone, something soft, something hard etc.

A Nature Detective Treasure Hunt  Game

For  pre-schoolers

– Age the clues by dabbing them with a tea bag and let them dry. – Leave pirate coins and gems during the trail or at the end in a treasure chest. – Kids can wear a pirate hat or eye patch.

Pirate Treasure Scavenger Hunt

–Plastic eggs to hide little gifts in or even the clues. – Use some Easter egg hunt signs or arrows. – Decorate the trail with hanging eggs and other decorations. – And don't forget the Easter egg baskets.

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

– Gold medals – A golden egg – Mini Trophies – Pirate coins – Treasure chest keys – Jewels or gems  – Gold bar party favour box filled with chocolate coins and sweets/candy – A treasure chest filled to the brim with treats so the kids can share the booty. (

Prize ideas for a scavenger hunt

Click the  'Download here' link below to download this treasure hunt now

Click the  ' Download here ' link below to download this treasure hunt now

For more scavenger hunt ideas, clues and  answers, visit www.flyingwithababy.com