FAA  Approved Car Seats  

All You Need to Know

 Things to consider when you are traveling with a car seat

Will it fit on the plane seat I'm travelling on? 

Airplane seats  vary; not just  between economy & premium cabins but from economy to economy seat.

Which is the best car seat for traveling?

Is it  easy for  you to carry  around?

Is it approved for use in the country you are traveling to? 

Are you just  using it for the  flight or do you  intend to use it in a car once you have arrived in a different country?

Can my FAA approved car seat be refused by an airline? 

This  depends. If you are flying  with a US or Canadian airline, then they must find you a suitable seat in the same cabin class. *

* some exceptions apply

 However, non US /Canadian airlines may not always accept rear facing car seats 

 How to Find the Best Car Seat for Traveling

1. Does it have an FAA Approved Car Seat Sticker?

2. Is it the correct width, is it light to carry? 

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