Winter Activity Holiday Ideas, Pierre et Vacances

Top Winter Activity Holiday Ideas for Families

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If, like me, you enjoyed a spot of skiing BC (before children) you may well be looking forward to the day when you can take your little ones and hit the slopes. With a now 3-year-old and 6-year old, I definitely feel like that time is approaching. Of course, many parents take younger kids skiing, including babies and have a fantastic time, but clearly, some good childcare for younger children is needed if you want to zoom down the mountains or other alternatives found if someone doesn’t like skiing. Now, I have been researching winter activity holiday ideas for families, and wish I realised before all the other amazing activities that are available – meaning even the non-skiers can have a blast too and the whole family can enjoy some fun together. How does airboarding on next-generation sledges, snowbiking, dogsledding, playing archery tag, team snowball fights, exploring an Inuit camp with igloos and zooming on a snow mobile sound? Read on to discover where!

Pierre et Vacances, is one of the companies that provide winter activities for younger children, teens and adults. With their Make My Day offers for Avoriaz, Val Thorens and Arc 1950 in the French Alps, a new holiday adventure can be undertaken every day. Each resort provides different activities with different themes. Activities can be booked at your hotel reception.

 Winter Activity Holiday Ideas, Pierre et Vacances

Avoriaz Winter Activities

Avoriaz sits high on the cliffs above Morzine and was voted best family resort and snowiest resort in France in 2013. The town is completely pedestrianised and has picturesque horse-drawn carriages if you feel weary from walking.  Younger children will enjoy the Lil’ stash and Kids parkway playgrounds for over 3’s and also Le Stash where parents and children can enjoy riding together. A popular attraction for families also includes the Children’s Village which welcomes 3-16 year olds for an introduction to skiing and other snow sports which are adapted to suit all ages.  A unique attraction for those like me who like to warm up, is the Aquariaz water park where the water is kept at a balmy 30c! A lush, tropical park, with a lazy river, various pools, a water playhouse for little ones, a climbing wall and much more. Grown-ups are catered for too with the open-air spa.

The resort is suitable for all abilities and provides access to Switzerland. Avoriaz general activities include not only skiing ( including ESF ski school) snowboarding and spas at some hotels, but Pierre et Vacances also provide access to the ‘Make My Day’ Magic activities.

Innuit camp, Winter Activity Holiday Ideas, Pierre et Vacances

  • Inuit Camp is possibly the one that is enticing me the most. Here you can experience a winter wonderland and explore igloos, go dogsledding with warm drinks. Perfect for families with kids of all ages.
  • E-Fat Bike is an electric all terrain snow bike. Their wide tyres mean you can pedal them even over snow. However, their increased size and weight also make them harder to pedal. No, I had not heard of these either, but how much fun do they sound? Available for ages 15 and above.
  • Archery Tag is similar to paintball but instead, a rubber bow and arrows are used to aim for the target. Suitable for kids aged 8 and above.
  • Electric Snowmotos can be hired to zoom around the race course. Each session lasts 15 minutes and costs €20. Suitable for kids aged 5-12.
  • Biathlon is a laser shooting game on the slopes. Available for those 12 and older.

Arc 1950 Winter Activities

Arc 1950  is part of the famous Les Arcs, and overlooks Mont-Blanc. The entire resort is 5 star and is the base for the ‘Intense activities’ from the Make My Day selection.

Airboarding in the snow, Winter Activity Holiday Ideas, Pierre et Vacances

  • Airboarding is the thrilling experience of body-boarding on real snow, where participants zoom down the slope on a specially designed air inflated board. Suitable for adventurous 6-year-olds and above.
  • Snowball fight unlike any other. A team is organised in an arena strewn with obstacles. For ages 6 and above.
  • Biathlon is a laser shooting games on the slopes. Available for those 12 and older.

 Winter Activity Holiday Ideas, Pierre et Vacances Winter Activity Holiday Ideas, Pierre et Vacances

Val Thorens Winter Activities

Val Thorens is a purpose-built resort in the Trois Vallees ski area, which also includes Courchevel, Meribel, and les Menuires. being the highest in Europe means that snow cover is guaranteed from November to May – making later holidays more affordable. There is a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets, plus the terrain suits everyone from beginners to experts. It is also a base for the Make My Day Intense activities. These include:

Val Thorens winter activities- dinner in a yurt, Winter Activity Holiday Ideas, Pierre et Vacances

  • Dinner in a Yurt – older kids from 10 year old can join in with a unique dinner in an authentic yurt.
  • Dynafit – older teens would enjoy this exciting night hike in snow shoes. Good to know: lasts for 2.5 hours on Wednesdays   
  • E-Fat Bike is an electric all-terrain snow bike. Their wide tyres mean you can pedal them even over snow. However, their increased size and weight also make them harder to pedal. No, I had not heard of these either, but how much fun do they sound? Available for ages 15 and above.

Have you been on a winter activity holiday before? What would you recommend?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Pierre et Vacances.


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  1. This is just the sort of post I needed to read. Youngest is learning about snowboarding and snowy places in general at school so wants to try some things out and the teen is desperate to go on holiday somewhere snowy and ski (but he’s only even sort of done it once) so it is great to see the options. #familytraveltips

  2. Skiing with under 3s is tricky – it seems like once they hit 3 though there are lots of things to do. And of course they can start ski school (in Austria they can anyway). One more year to go for us…! #familytraveltips

  3. These sound amazing! So exciting. I love the idea of dinner in a yurt, and the inut camp sounds fantastic, too. We do enjoy skiing but there’s always more to do in these beautiful snowy destinations. #Familytraveltips

  4. Great post Carrie! Like you we used to ski frequently before kiddies came along. My boys are the same ages as your girls and I also think they are now old enough to give skiing a go;) I cannot wait. I’ll keep Pierre et Vacances in mind. The extra winter activities they offer sound like alot of fun

  5. I thought I’d already commented on this, I must have done it in my head and not written it down! Some great ideas here, I like the look of air boarding. And the organised snowball fight of course! #FamilyTravelTips

  6. Oh I soooo want to try airboarding. How cool is that! I’ve been wanting to go skiing as a family for a while now – just have to wait until the baby is a little bigger! But great suggestions here.

  7. I’m really not a winter person, but I really love the idea of going to Santa’s looks so magical.these places inspired me too, I must say I’m warming up (ha ha…) to the idea of a snowy holiday. I might even try skiing! #familytraveltips

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