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Ruby And Ginger Nappy Purse – Compact Baby Changing Bag Review

The Ruby and Ginger nappy changing purse is a compact solution to make any bag a changing bag and is stylish to boot. I was sent a complimentary purse and changing mat to trial whilst flying with my toddler recently. The purse measures L25cm x H19cm x D3.5cm and is available in 3 different designs.

The nappy changing purse set comprises of a purse with a Velcro handle and a small pocket inside and a hard case for wipes. The soft cotton changing mat comes, but fits inside the purse as shown in the main

Ruby and Ginger changing purse airline changing table

Fits a B737 changing table easily


I packed my purse with 3 nappies (size 4+), the cotton changing mat, a small trial tub of Sudocrem which I refill for travelling, and an almost full packet of wipes. Although, I like the idea of the hard case for wipes, whenever I fly, I always have as many wipes as possible. I just managed to squeeze everything in and the purse slotted perfectly into my Il Tutto bag.

The beauty of this purse is that it’s easy to carry with one hand, and you can also carry your baby and open an airplane loo door and changing table with ease. The changing mat fits perfectly on to the aircraft changing table. I also used the purse cover as an extra head rest to make it even more comfortable for my wriggly toddler.

If you are on a longer flight, it would be easy to restock the purse with nappies from your main bag when it is more convenient and again avoid having to take your entire bulky bag into the small aircraft loo’s. I also found it very easy to pop into our beach bag and take to the pool.

It’s made of soft cotton and the entire purse and changing mat is washable. If some spills occur and you can’t clean it properly on the flight, you may not be able to use it for the duration unless some tactical placing of tissue etc is used, but you can easily wash it when at your hotel. Therefore, you may prefer to bring a disposable changing cover and lay it on top of the changing mat to keep it clean, especially if you have a long flight.

Overall a great, stylish product that I found came in very handy for the flight and for everyday use too.
Ruby and Ginger nappy purse with changing mat retails at £19.99


This item was sent by Ruby and Ginger for me for an honest review.

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