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Reviewing the Solero Sun Care Products by Lloyds Pharmacy

We’ve recently been sent some sun care products from the LloydsPharmacy own brand range of sun care, Solero, to try and review. Some are brand new to the range which aims to cover all the family’s needs – whatever their skin type. My daughters are both fair and suffer from eczema, whereas I occasionally have bouts of prickly heat – so several types of sun lotion just don’t suit us. However, with the AMAZING weather the UK has been having these last couple of weeks; we have had ample time to put some of these older and newer products to the test. Read on to see how we got on.

NEW bigger size Solero kids SPF50+ ultra-sensitive sun lotion (£10 for 400ml, LloydsPharmacy)

This is a huge 400ml bottle which will last a bit longer – perfect for popping in your suitcase for your summer holidays. At factor 50 SPF it offers a very high protection against UVA and UVB. The 400ml lotion comes in a bottle rather than a spray, and feels creamy and smooth to apply. It doesn’t leave a white residue like some, and soaks in quickly. I absolutely smothered my two in this lotion, (the recommended amount is the size of a golf ball for your body) which may be the reason why it did look a little greasy after application. However, it didn’t feel greasy and also easily washed off their clothes. (Like most kids, mine just will notit’ stay still when I try and put sunscreen on, so drops of it did go all over their tops). We spent many hours playing outside, and there was no sign of their skin being irritated by the cream. From a little ones perspective, my eldest announced, “it smells better than the old one Mummy!” Most importantly, I felt it protected them well from the suns harsh rays. Triple star UVA rated and dermatologically & paediatrician tested and approved.

NEW Solero SPF30 invisible sun spray (£7 for 150ml, LloydsPharmacy)

The Solero SPF30 Invisible Sun Spray feels very nourishing yet non-sticky and as the name suggests it is completely invisible on your skin. The only thing about an invisible spray is I’m never sure if I’ve covered all exposed skin – so I douse myself many times over with it! It comes with a 5 star UVA rating.

NEW Solero Sun Allergy Prevention Spray (£8 for 200ml, LloydsPharmacy)

I really like the smell of the Solero Sun Allergy Prevention Spray. It evokes those beach holidays of the past with its fresh scent. It is designed for those with sun allergies – both adults and children, and can help prevent the skin from flaring up when exposed to the sun. It basically creates a barrier on the skin to prevent flare ups. Again, it feels nourishing to the skin when applied.

NEW Solero cooling after sun with insect repellent (£7 for 200ml, LloydsPharmacy)

I always have better skin on holiday – must be the constant reapplying of lotion that conditions it. I tried the Solero cooling after sun lotion with insect repellent – which is enriched with Pro Vitamin V5. The children have a special cream to apply with their eczema, so I always apply that after their bath instead. The main ingredient in this after sun lotion, after water, is aloe vera leaf extract – a well known natural aid to sunburn. If you need, LloydsPharamacy do stock aloe vera gel too. The lotion helps protect against biting insects for up to four hours. I haven’t put this part to the test yet but when we next head overseas – I’ll definitely be packing it with me.

Solero Ultra Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF 30 (£7 for 150ml, LloydsPharmacy)

The Solero Ultra Sensitive has been specially developed for people prone to skin allergies. It’s fragrance free and determatologically fragranced. The Which! Consumer Guide tested this and several other brands of sun lotion and gave it its highest score for UVA and SPF protection.  

Solero Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF30

The Which! Guide also gave the Solero SPF30 moisturising sun lotion its highest score to go along with its 5 star UVA rating. This sun lotion is a little different as it also comes with an IR-A rating – giving it a triple defence. I had to research what IR-A meant as it’s not a term I’ve heard before. Infrared-A (IR-A) are rays that penetrate deeper into the skin causing both long and short-term damage. It doesn’t really have a scent – I am partial to a holiday scents of coconut though as it evokes memories of holidays past.

The items above are just a few of the affordable sunscreens available from LloydsPharmacy – both in store or online. You can find more information on the Solero range here, and check for 2 for 1 offers making it even better value.

Disclosure: We were sent the Solero products to try. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Saturday 14th of July 2018

We are having so much hot weather at the moment that sun care products are very important especially with us all having fair skin. I've always been a fan of Solero.

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