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Preparing Your Child For A Flight

Preparing Your Child For A Flight

Preparing your older toddler for a flight, especially if it’s their first one, can help make the whole experience run more smoothly for all of you, and help avoid any meltdowns both at the airport and during the flight.

My top tips for preparing your child for a flight are:

  • Read a story about going to the airport and flying on an airplane. (I have lots of suggestions below, which are all available on Amazon (just click on the image)- some are sticker and magnetic books so double up as entertainment for the flight too.) 
  • Talk about the process and what will happen. Point to the airplanes in the sky and wonder aloud where they are going to.
  • Role -play being on the airplane. You can pretend to be the pilot when driving the car and that you are making sure seat belts are fastened,  do a little pre -take off PA.  ( No one will hear you!) My three year old regularly asks me to do this.
  • Have your toddler help choose a couple of favourite items to pack in their carry-on and  to help with packing their bag.
  • Role- Play going through security and the X-ray machine. You can even make a pretend machine out of a card box if you are feeling creative and have the time. If not, a YouTube video to watch together or one of the books below will help. This will help them understand that for a few minutes they won’t see their favourite toy but they will get it back.
  • Role- play with teddy and pretend to fasten his seat belt.



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