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Airlines Which Offer Neighbour-Free Seats or Comfort Seats / Extra Seats

Planning a family holiday/vacation and want some extra space on the plane? Airlines are offering a lifesaver for parents: neighbour-free seats! This means you can actually spread out and (maybe) enjoy some peace of mind on your next family adventure – yes, it will cost more. We’ll break down which airlines offer this magic bullet so you can plan a smoother, less stressful trip for everyone.

Airlines Which Offer Neighbor-Free Seats or Comfort Seats Extra Seats

Airlines Which Offer Neighbor-Free Seats

Neighbor-free seats come in various types depending on the airline. Some carriers allow you to purchase an extra seat at a discounted rate, ensuring the seat next to you stays empty. Others offer premium packages that include the guarantee of an empty seat next to you. This means more space for your little ones to stretch out, play, or even catch some Z’s, making your journey a whole lot smoother. So, which airlines offer this perk? Let’s find out!

Air France

Air France takes your comfort to new heights with its Empty Seat option, designed to give you and your family the space you need to relax and enjoy your flight. The Empty Seat option allows you to block up to 3 adjacent seats to give you the much-needed space you’ll need on your long flights. You’ll also get to enjoy a more comfortable journey, with added privacy to yourself.

To book your Empty Seat option, simply select this option during your check-in process online or through the Air France mobile app. The availability of Seat Plus seats may vary depending on the flight and demand, so it’s a good idea to book early to secure this extra space.

air new zealand sky couch

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand offers a game-changer for families: Skycouch. This option is better than neighbor-free seats – Skycouch transforms a row of economy seats into a comfy mini-sofa, perfect for stretching out, lying down, or letting your little ones play.

Booking Skycouch is easy – just pick it up when you grab your tickets online. But be warned, it’s only available on certain flights and disappears faster than free Wi-Fi. Early booking is your friend! A last-minute upgrade from one seat to a three-seat Skycouch from Houston to Auckland starts at about $1,100 while booking one month in advance will only cost you about $600! And it’s much better than upgrading to premium economy or business class! However, if your family has already booked a three-seat row and wants to convert it to a Skycouch row, it only costs $200 one way, so yes, definitely worth it.

Once you’re onboard, the Air New Zealand crew will work their magic, transforming your seats into a comfy hangout. Individual footrests let everyone relax, and the armrests? Poof! Gone, creating tons of space to sprawl out.

Worried about safety with little ones? Skycouch has you sorted with its complementary Skycouch Infant Harnesses and Belts that allow babies to safely snooze during the cruise phase of the flight. For even more comfort and security for infants, you can also opt for the Skycouch Infant Pod – a collapsible sleep space that lets you relax while your baby gets some rest.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines, too, has introduced the “Free Neighbour Seat” option for Economy Class in flights, but this is subject to availability. The airline strongly recommends passengers to only book a Free Neighbor Seat in circumstances that pertain to physical discomfort or necessity.

You can reserve your Free Neighbour Seat along while making a normal booking. Depending on how you book, this includes online, on-call with their service center, or at the airport. Free Neighbor Seats are offered on both continental and intercontinental flights, with prices varying for different routes, so check out the website, or call the airline’s service center for exact rates.

British Airways (comfort seats)

Comfort seats are a great option for when you need extra space on your British Airways flight. Make sure to book yours in advance because this option isn’t available online. In case you have made a normal seat reservation online, contact the airline service center (or your travel agent) to book your extra seat.

If you weren’t able to book an extra seat in advance, you can still do it after you arrive at the airport. Just request to speak with a member of the staff and if there are vacant seats in your cabin, you may be able to purchase them. A minimum fee of $50 applies to short-haul flights and $375 for long-haul flights. Few airports allow payments to be made only by card so if you’re carrying cash in hand, approach a staff member for assistance.

Caribbean Airlines

The Your Space Seat is the Neighbor-Free Seat option on Caribbean Airlines, designed for extra comfort, security and space. “Your Space” can be reserved any time between 72 hours and 2 hours prior to the flight’s departure time. 

Head to the airline’s website to check your eligibility. After that, the website will take you to a seat map where you can book the seats you wish. If your normal seats have already been allotted, go ahead and pick either seat on your side. If not, you can pick both your seats! Prices for “Your Space” start as low as $20 depending on your routes and seat availability.

Egypt Air  

Egypt Air allows you to book a Neighbor Free Seat, provided you have a valid Economy Class Ticket that you’ve booked within the 72-hours-to-2-hours-before-the-flight-departure window. Depending on your flight configuration and availability, you can book up to 3 seats adjacent to your own seat.

Keep in mind that the neighbor free seat does not come with overhead cabin space, nor can you use the seat for extra luggage (as this comes under a special load). Check out the website to find out if you are eligible for a Neighbor Free Seat. Upon meeting the criteria, you will be redirected further to make your payment.

Emirates economy seats at the bassinet or bulkhead position on an airplane


Emirates offers an “Empty Seat Option” that allows passengers to purchase an additional seat next to theirs at a discounted rate, ensuring a more comfortable and spacious journey. This option is particularly beneficial for parents traveling with children, because it allows up to three adjoining seats to be blocked off.

For those looking to purchase the Empty Seat Option, you can do the same during your check-in at the airport. You will not be able to block the seats in their own rows any earlier. The availability of this option may vary depending on the flight and demand. Rates start at $55, and can go up to $165, depending on your flight sector.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways offers a “Neighbour-Free Seats” option that can make your journey a lot more comfortable. With this option, you have the opportunity to purchase not just one, but up to three empty seats next to yours at a discounted rate – and that’s all the space you can ask for, especially when traveling with a baby.

To avail of this option, you can contact Etihad Airways directly or speak to a travel agent when booking your ticket. It’s important to note that the availability of neighbor-free seats may vary depending on the flight and demand, so it’s best to book early to secure your extra space. Whether you’re traveling with a baby in arms or a restless toddler, the neighbor-free seats option can be a lifesaver. Remember, if you don’t want to pay for the entire seat’s amount, you can bid for Economy Neighbour-Free seats up to 72 hours before you fly but that’s a long shot. Instead, you can also book and pay any time after that until four hours before you go.


Opting for extra comfort and convenience is simple with MyShebaSpace, Ethiopian Airlines’ Neighbor Free Seating option. You have from 72 hours to 2 hours before the flight departure to make your booking. Just check your eligibility on the website, select your seats, make your payments (which start l as low as $30) and you will receive confirmation via email.


When flying with Eurowings, enjoy the ultimate comfort with a vacant middle seat and extra legroom. Starting at just $11, you can easily add this upgrade while booking on their website or by contacting the Eurowings Service Center if you’ve booked through an operator.

Please note, that once reserved, the free middle seat cannot be canceled or rebooked, and refunds are not available. However, in the event of flight overbooking, passengers will have the option at the gate to voluntarily relinquish their free middle seats for a full refund.

Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways offers a neighbor-free seating option called “My Bubble Seat.” This allows you to reserve up to two neighboring seats, essentially creating a private row for you and your loved ones. When they first started the service in 2022, “My Bubble Seat” cost as low as just $48 for flights between Australia and Fiji!

There are two ways to secure your My Bubble Seat: The airline will send you an invitation to purchase these seats directly between 72 and 4 hours before your flight departure. Alternatively, you can purchase them at the airport during check-in, which typically begins 3 hours before your flight.  “My Bubble Seat” between Fiji and America starts at about $200.

However, it’s important to remember that seat selection for My Bubble Seat is ultimately at the airline’s discretion, so availability isn’t guaranteed. Additionally, these reservations are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled by you unless the airline cancels them due to operational reasons.


For those of you looking for extra seats on JetBlue, remember that you have to make the selection when you make your booking. For instance, if there are only 2 passengers travelling, make sure you reserve 3 seats, and on the page where you provide traveller details, you can choose the ‘This is an empty seat’ option for the third seat. The best part? If your goal is distancing and not comfort, you can also do the same with seats all around you – in front and behind as well!

The extra seat is priced the same as your original booking fare and will be calculated at checkout. The extra seat is cancellable, but it is non-refundable. If you’ve already made a booking, you cannot add extra seats to it, but you can always make another booking, as long as there are seats available.

Malaysia Airlines 

Neighbor free seats on Malaysia Airlines are available up to 48 hours before flight departure. And get this, Economy Flex Passengers can avail up to 50% off on Neighbor Free seats or even the entire row!

You can make these reservations at the time of your booking or simply get on the website and upgrade your current booking!

Philippine airlines 

The myPAL Seat Select Neighbor-Free seat is available to all passengers with a confirmed Economy Class ticket. Once you’ve made your booking, you will receive an email invite to opt for Neighbor-Free seats. Remember to make these reservations at least 6 days before flight departure or during your web check-in!

Rates may vary depending on sector, routes and availability but can be as low as $30! All you need to do is check the website for your eligibility and choose your seats! Plus, you also have the option to cancel your Neighbor-Free seat up until the moment you receive a confirmation from the airline as well.


Qantas Airways provides “Neighbour Free” seating for those travelling in Economy. If you are eligible for the service (visit their website to check your eligibility) and if there are vacant seats available, you will be sent an invitation via email 48 hours before your departure. You have up to 2 hours before your scheduled departure for international flights and 1 hour on domestic flights to make your reservations. The details of both your Standard Seat and the Neighbor Free Seat will be provided on your boarding pass for a smooth boarding experience.

Neighbor-free seats on domestic flights (within Australia) can cost anywhere between $30 to $65 on Qantas. As for international flights, rates start at $100 between Australia and Singapore, and $225 between Australia and America.

Keep in mind that while Qantas offers neighbor-free seating, it depends on available seats. And even after boarding, the crew might need to adjust seating for safety reasons.

Royal Brunei  

Enhance your in-flight experience by reserving up to two adjacent seats on your Royal Brunei flight, allowing you to enjoy extra space and comfort. If your flight is departing within 48 hours, visit the website to check eligibility and secure your adjacent seats for a relaxed and luxurious journey ahead.

Royal Jordanian  

Royal Jordanian passengers have the option to reserve Neighbor-Free seats within 24 to 6 hours before their flight. Simply visit their website to see if your flight qualifies and make your selections. Payments can be made using a credit card, and you can also choose this option during online check-in, subject to seat availability.

Turkish airlines kids pack
Some of the Turkish Airlines goodies

Turkish Airlines

Economy Class passengers on Turkish Airlines can opt for the extra seat option during online booking of normal seats. The airlines also allow you to freely select your original seat and your extra seat as well. The extra seat will cost you the base fare plus fuel surcharge and may vary from sector to sector. The best part, however, is that passengers with extra seats can avail additional luggage! 

Check out the airline’s website for details on baggage allowance. If you’ve made your reservation through a travel partner, you can check in your extra seat at the counters, not online.

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