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Latest Airline News For Flying With Kids.

Latest Airline News For Flying With Kids

South Africa- June 1st 2015

From this date, it is now a requirement for parents travelling with children ( under 18) to show the child’s full birth certificate, and where only one parent is accompanying, proof of parental or legal authority to travel with the child .

UK Security – January 2014

It is no longer a requirement for parents to test baby milk/food in front of security in the UK. However, the food/milk may be subject to further checks.

Etihad Flying Nanny-  October 2013

Etihad launches its free flying nanny service on long haul flights.

Air New Zealand – February 2013

Air NZ have ‘sky couches’ in economy. Essentially 3 seats with extra space, great for toddlers or if you can’t get a bassinet.

Air Asia – February 2013

Air Asia announce a dedicated area with no infants and children under 12 allowed. Air Asia explain the detail and the additional cost.

“What is Quiet Zone?

  • Quiet Zone is an exclusively reserved area between rows 7-14.
  • Guests who are travelling with infant or children under 12 will not be eligible to book seats in Quiet Zone.
  • Minimal noise with no disturbances.
  • Strategically located right behind the Premium Seats.
  • Special ambience lighting.
  • Standard pick-a-seat fee of RM 35 for Economy and RM 110 for Hot Seats applies.

Who is eligible for Quiet Zone?

  • Any Guests from age 13 and above and any Guests who are NOT travelling with children (age 12 and below) including infants.


Air New Zealand- November 2012

 Passengers will now need to pay NZ$20-25 extra to book their bassinet seat.


Easy Jet -November 2012

Have now started allocated seating. No more mad rush to the plane! 

Virgin Atlantic- November 2012
Passengers can pay from £99 per sector, up to 72 hours before a flight, (subject to availability) for the seat next to them to be kept free. The service,called Seat Plus, is only valid for economy class passengers.

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Warner Carter

Thursday 24th of October 2013

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Carrie Bradley

Thursday 1st of August 2013

Quiet zone for the other passengers and then 'normal' in other sections of the aircraft. I guess it means parents in the kid zone won't stress as much if their little ones make noise as the people who would give 'the look', would be in the Quiet Zone.;-)


Thursday 1st of August 2013

Quiet zone? What's the point? Shesh!