The Ultimate Flying With A Baby Tips and Resources List

Here you will find the bumper guide to flying with a baby. This ultimate flying with a baby tips and resource list is jam packed full of information and resources to answer every question you may have for flying with an infant. 

All the information has been compiled by an ex flight attendant who has flown over 60 flights with her two tots, including ultra long haul flight of over 24 hours!  

For the ultimate resource guide to flying with a toddler see here.

Flying With A Baby Tips - Top Tips from Booking to Arrival, baby in the flight deck, flying with a 3 month old baby

Flying With A Baby Tips & Resources

The ultimate guide to flying with a baby - full of essential tips and resources. Whether you need to know your options with airline bassinets, the best seats to choose, how to help your baby sleep on a plane, the best baby travel toys, using a car seat, travel strollers, what to pack when flying with an infant and SO much more, you will find everything covered here.


Essential Airline Bassinet Seat Information/Comparison Chart

This post will give you essential airline bassinet seat information and answer questions such as How big is a bassinet on a plane? What is the weight limit of a bassinet, How to request a bassinet and so much more.

You will find details of over 50 airlines policies plus extra information to help you secure an airplane skycot for your baby.

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Top Tips To Help Baby Sleep On A Plane

One of my biggest concerns was how to get a baby to sleep on a plane, especially as sometimes we fly ultra long haul to see family.

Though the many flights we have now done with a baby, we have learnt a few tips and tricks which have worked for us at various ages and stages on both long haul and ultra long haul flights.

These practical tips will help with strategies on how to get baby to sleep on plane, even if it is a day time flight and you don't have an airline bassinet. This post also covers baby sleeping aids.

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What To Expect On Board With Tips For Flying With A Baby.

If this is your first time flying with an infant, then this post covers exactly what to expect when you are travelling with an infant for the first time.

These tips are especially useful to you if you:

*Haven’t flown with your baby before.
*Are unsure of any airline boarding procedures.
*Are unsure of regulations relating to strollers
*Rules on board.

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Flying With A Newborn Baby Tips

Thankfully, at this age, they are so portable and it was one of my favourite times to fly with a baby.

This post goes through everything you need to know when flying with a newborn infant.

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Tips For Flying With A 3 Month Old Baby

Flying with a 3 month old baby is another stage where babies are very portable which makes travelling with a baby a bit easier than you may initially think. Here we cover all the issues you need to think about when flying with a baby at this age.

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How To Sterilise Bottles Whilst Travelling Abroad

Sterilizing bottles whilst traveling, including whilst on a plane can be a bit daunting but there are several easy ways to do this whilst on the go!

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Baby Travel Checklist: The Essential Packing Checklist for Flying With Baby

Includes all the items you may need for cabin baggage, hold luggage, details on extras you can bring such as strrollers & car seats as well as a printable packing list.

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Best Baby And Toddler Travel Toys 2019

Travel tech definitely has its place, but having some travel toys for babies and toddlers can really help on long haul flights or distract little ones.

Everything in this guide has been tried and tested when flying with a baby and get a thumbs up from us!

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Breastfeeding On A Plane Tips | 8 Breastfeeding Tips For Plane Travel

Breastfeeding can be a daunting experience but these practical tipsfor breastfeeding when flying will hopefully reassure.

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Tips For Flying With Breast Milk

if you need to fly with breastmilk, regulations do vary and often depend on whether you are flying with your baby or not.

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Breastfeeding On A Plane - Airline Breastfeeding Policies

Discover what policy your airline has on breastfeeding on board.

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What Are The Best Seats On A Plane For Kids? + Info On Baby Bassinets

Smaller babies on long haul flights can often have an airline baby bassinet requested for them, but if a bassinet is not available on your flight or if you have an older baby, then which seats are the best ones when you are flying with an infant?

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Baby Food On Planes |Ordering Baby And Child Airline Meals

It is always best to bring your own food and milk on-board for a baby. Although one airline does provide a post weanign meal, most pre-requestable baby meals are pureed jars of baby food and not suitable for older babies.

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Best Stroller For Travel | What are their Pros & Cons For Flying?

From a complete travel system to a tiny and compact stroller which can fit as hand luggage, i've tried a few and asked lots of mums to give me their reviews on their travel strollers too! Find out which ones will suit your nees the best.

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Which Airports/Airlines Provide Courtesy Strollers?

Did you know some airlines and airports provide courtesy strollers for you to use, especially in transit?

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Top Family Friendly Airlines

Airlines facilities for babies and kids can vary greatly. What you get on your usual airlline can be completely different when flying with an unfamilar airline. This guide looks at the airlines that go above and beyond and provide that little bit extra.

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Car Seats & Child Restraint Devices (CRD) On An Airplane

If you are flying with a lap baby, on non USA and Canadain based airlines you are provided with an infant lap belt. However, you can also purchase a seat, and use an airline apporved car seat, a CARES harness ( for over one's), or in some circumstances, a special airline seat which must be pre requested.

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Car Seats Abroad: Tips & Information On Taking A Car Seat On Holiday

Taking your car seat abroad can a bit trickier than you intially think. For example, although you may be able to use it on the plane if it is FAA/CAA approved and you have your own seat for your baby, it not be legal to use in the country you are flying too! If you are flying to the USA and Canada, laws also vary from state to state.

This guide takes you through the pros and cons and will help you make the right decision based on your needs and the law.

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FAA Approved Car Seats & Airline Approved Car Seats

If only all car seats were created equal. This guide details all the most highyl recommended FAA approved car seats and goes into more detail for what you should look out for.

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Tips For Flying While Pregnant

There are certain considerations when you are flying whilst pregnant- which vary through each trimester. This guide also lists over 25 airlines policies on flying when pregnant and plenty of tips too!

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Baby Milk & Baby Food Brands Found Around The World

Finding your particular brand of baby milk or food abroad may be tricky. Some brands are very similar but come under different names.

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How To Order Baby Milk And Baby Supplies From Boots At UK Airports

If you are in the UK, pre-ordering baby milk and other holiday supplies online and picking them up after security, can save some time at thr airport. Here's how to do it!

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Flying With Baby | FAQ's to Flying With An Infant

This covers the most frequently asked questions I have been asked about flying with a baby: including the amount of baby food and milk and other liquids you can take on board your flight, extra baggage allowances and more.

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Flying With Twins Or A Baby And Toddler? Some Extra Information.

Flying with more than one baby or toddler? Then this will help!

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Travel Documents For Children

Travel document requirements vary from country to country, and on whether you are travelling solo with the kids, ar e single parent amongst other things. This guide will help you point you in the right direction.

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Flying Alone With Baby | Solo Parent Air Travel Tips

Flying solo with kids just means a little more organising, but don't let it put you off!

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Best Apps For Babies & Toddlers

The best educational apps for babies and toddlers

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Problem Solving Tips For Flights With Kids

If you know what to expect and how to manage potential issues, then meltdowns can be minimalised.

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Preparing Your Child For A Flight

If you have a child you hasn't flown before, then a little bit of preparation can help them feel more relaxed.

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Flying With A Baby Tips

In a hurry? This round up of my top tips for flying with a baby will help!

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Rules For Flying With A Baby

If you are flying with a baby, there are certain things you need to know but may not be aware of.

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Cabin Size Strollers

Although a stroller can be brought on for free, in addition to your normal baggage in most cases, being able to have a cabin sized stroller is even better, as it is guaranteed you will have it immediately, and not have to walk through the airport and through immigration to collect it. This compact stroller guide, not only compares the smallest and lightest travel strollers, but includes a very handy printable guide to airlines infant baggage allowance. One to bookmark or print!

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Best Car Seat Travel Bag for Flying

Car seats are an essential and of expensive bit of baby kit, which can be subject to a few knocks around the airports. To reduce the chance of damage, it is a good idea to pad out a car seat travel pag with diapers, nappies, a blanket etc or invest in a padded car seat bag.

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How to Protect Your Stroller When Flying Best Stroller Travel Bag

Just like a car seat may need protecting in the aircraft hold, so does a stroller. A bag, at the very least helps keep the pushchair clean and all the parts together, so it's less likely to lose a strap or essential part.

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