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Things to Do in Wroclaw With Kids (Poland)

If you are looking for ideas for city breaks with kids, then you will find plenty of things to do in Wroclaw with kids.

Wroclaw, Poland, is the perfect place to take the family. A town that seems to have come out of a fairy tale with its Baroque architecture, dwarves, mazes, and hunted bridges. Children of all ages will enjoy these top ten kid-friendly activities in Wroclaw.

Things to Do in Wroclaw With Kids, Dwarf statues
Dwarf Statue Hunting

Dwarf Hunting

Top the cool parents’ list by taking your kids dwarf hunting in Wroclaw. This is an activity that they will be talking about for days. Grab a Dwarf Map and get your children to lead the way in search of these quaint figures all over the city.

They have apparently multiplied over the years and now there could be up to 400 of them populating the city so you can definitely get your kids to draw the missing dwarves on the map to fill their time as you admire the historic landmarks of the city.

Kolejkowo model village


Take your kids to the miniature version of Lower Silesia, where they will be amazed by the realistic model trains and local sites. Get them to point out places they have seen during your vacation or perhaps pique their interest by pointing out the places that you will be visiting.


One of the largest waterparks in Europe, Aquapark Wroclaw has activities for the whole family. Take turns getting a time out in the sauna as the kids have the time of their life going up and down the various water slides.

Afrykarium Zoo Wroclaw

When it comes to kid-friendly fun, you can never go wrong by taking the kids to the zoo, especially in Wroclaw, where you will find one of the largest collections of animal species in the world. Prepared to accommodate families, the Afrykarium Zoo is equipped with trollies that can fit up to 3 to 4 children.

Things to Do in Wroclaw With Kids, the maze
Green Maze

Green Maze

Have an adventure with your family by getting lost in the green maze and finding your way out together, nurturing your kids’ navigating and problem-solving skills.

Witches Bridge

On this tourist attraction, you can show your kids a spectacular view of Wroclaw or scare them with the ghost stories that they tell about the haunted bridge. Well, choose your story carefully, however, as most of them are about girls who did not marry soon enough.

Memorial to Slaughtered Animals

Kids will always find farm animals amusing. With all the statue farmhouse characters present in the memorial, the kids will have a blast pointing them out.


An educational journey that teaches kids about the properties and powers of water, the workshops available at Hydropolis will keep them occupied for hours.

Wroclaw’s Oder Boulevards

Begin your journey through the Oder Boulevards at the Market Hall and admire its unique architecture while purchasing picnic items. Then, as you take a walk on the promenade, find your perfect picnic spot. The amphitheatre stairs are usually the most popular, so grab your family a spot and enjoy the view of the Ostrow Tumski and the Piotro Wlostowic Boulevard on the other side of the river.

Polinka Cable Car

At an age where everyone dreams of flying, a ride on the Polinka cable car would be the perfect treat. Hop on the Polinka for a quick three minute and hassle-free ride to the Hydropolis Museum. Costs the equivalent of 50c for kids and $1 for adults.

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Friday 13th of March 2020

I'm so glad families are visiting Poland! I was born there and bring my daughter every year to visit family and explore new cities. Such a great country for families!

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