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Things to do in Valencia With Kids

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a beautiful Mediterranean city that boasts many family-friendly activities. On top of that, the locals couldn’t be nicer and they are always eager to help. If you’re planning a trip with children, here are a few things to do in Valencia with kids that the little ones will surely enjoy.

1. Bioparc. This is a zoo-park that you can dedicate an entire day to. The kids will have tons of fun watching the animals but so will the parents.

There’s a restaurant on the premises selling Spanish sandwiches and ice-cream. Perfect for visiting with pre-schoolers or teens.

2. Almoina Archaeological Center. Great for history buffs and inquisitive minds. There are Roman baths, nymphaeums, and other depictions of Roman daily life.

3. Principe Felipe Science Museum. This museum is at the heart of the City of Arts and Sciences, between the Oceanografic and Hemisferic.

It’s a brilliantly interactive museum perfect for visiting with kids of any school age. They have both temporary and permanent exhibitions, like Zero Gravity, DNA and the Electricity Theater. 

4. Hemisferic. If you visit Valencia during summer, why not go to see an IMAX or 3D screenings to beat the heat?

The Hemisferic is an interesting, futuristic building in the shape of an eye. The projection room is the largest in Spain and the movies are educational and suitable for all ages.

5. The beach. What can be more relaxing than a day at the beach? The kids can play in the sand and with the waves, while the adults unwind in the sun. Valencia has fine sand urban beaches that can be easily reached from the city center, with the Malvarrosa Beach being the most popular.

6. Gulliver Park. This is a massive playground that you cannot miss if you visit Valencia with children. The park features the Giant Gulliver lying on the ground and immobilized by strings. Kids can climb him, playing the role of Lilliputians, and then slide down on Gulliver’s hair and clothes.

7. Toy Soldiers Museum. Valencia is home to the world’s largest miniature museum, with more than 85.000 figurines on display. There are toy soldiers reenacting some of the most famous battles in human history, but also some inspired from pop culture, like Star Wars, the Little Prince and Marvel superheroes.

8. Biking the Turia Gardens. Valencia is a bike-friendly city, with lots of bike tours and bike rental shops throughout. The Turia Gardens are stretching 9km long, cutting the city in two halves and connecting the City of Arts and Sciences with the Bioparc. Biking here is safe and parents won’t have to worry about traffic and their kids’ safety.

9. Valencia CF Stadium Tour. For football fans, a visit to the Mestalla Stadium is a must. You’ll get to visit the trophy room, the dressing room and walk down the tunnel before entering the stadium where football history has been made for over 90 years.

10. Botanical Gardens. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a place where the parents can take a deep breath while the kids do their own explorations. I’m always excited the see the smile on children’s faces when they spot the colony of cats living here. Some of them would even let you pet them!

What things to do in Valencia with kids do you recommend?

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