This Before You Book section, covers everything you need to think about before choosing your airline. This includes information on baby bassinets and different airline restrictions on their use; the best seats on a plane for kids; rules for flying with a baby; the top family friendly airlines and also tips for flying when pregnant.

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Rules For Flying With A Baby

Rules For Flying With A Baby Rules for flying with a baby can often be confusing and occasionally vary from airline to airline. However, the answers below will provide you with a useful knowledge base of what to ask your airline and to double check specific rules. What age can my baby fly? Flying with…

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Tips For Flying While Pregnant

 Tips For Flying While Pregnant Flying while pregnant? Many women will need to fly when they are pregnant, whether for a wedding, business trip or a well- deserved relaxing ‘baby-moon’. Whatever the reason, you may have some extra concerns or simply would like some practical tips to make your flight as relaxing as possible. It’s…