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Can I Fly Alone With Two Infants Under Two

Short answer: yes, you can fly alone with two infants. However, there are some procedures that you need to be aware of and which vary depending on the age of your infant.

If you are flying alone with two infants you cannot have both on your lap. Your options are:

  1. Purchase two seats and use a car seat for one, and hold the other as a lap baby.
  2. Purchase 3 seats and have both babies in car seats.
  3. Bring someone over 16 with you who can hold a baby.
Can I fly alone with two infants under two, infants in strollers, on plane and at airport

However, before you happily go on your way and book your flight, and purchase at least two seats, bear in mind that not all airlines have the same rules regarding car seats. e.g some airlines place a limit on the age of the baby or say they must be a certain age to be in a car seat. Some dictate which way the baby must be facing e.g forward facing. Some airline car seat rules can be seen here.

FAA approved car seats, stickers showing airline approved car seats
Airline approved car-seat label examples

If you are flying on a USA operated airline, the FAA have ruled that carriers under their jurisdiction MUST carry an infant in a car seat IF the car seat meets all the rules and regulations for airplane travel.

Please check car seat dimensions and safety requirements so that you know your car seat will fit safely into the aircraft seat and meet FAA or equivalent requirements.

Note: For flights to different countries your car seat might not be legal to use on the road.

child restraint devices airline lap belt
infant lap belt

Lap Baby

If you have paid for a separate seat for your infant and you don’t bring a child seat or AmSafe System, your infant must sit on your lap. Only one baby per lap is permitted on flights. On non USA airlines, the flight attendant will give you an extension seatbelt which MUST be used during taxi, take-off, landing and turbulence (when the seatbelt sign is on). The cabin crew will provide the extension seat belt and show you how to use it.

Bugaboo Butterfly travel stroller
Bugaboo Butterfly travel stroller fits into overhead storage bins on planes

Flying With More Than One Baby Solo Tips

Flying with more than one baby solo means you will need to factor in how much you can physically carry and how you will manage both babies and luggage. Things to consider are:

  • Baby Carrier: Are both babies small enough to fit into a twin baby carrier?
  • Stroller: Consider bringing a small, compact travel stroller which will fit into an overhead bin. This way you will have access to it when disembarking for customs queues and baggage reclaim. and can baby wear the other baby in a baby carrier.
  • Backpack: A small backpack will be the best type of carry on luggage for you. It can go on your back, with a baby carrier on your front and keep your hands free to push a small stroller if needed.
Flying twins, emirates strollers at Dubai airport
Flying with twins

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