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Best Travel Bed For Toddlers 2021

A Guide to the Best Toddler Travel Beds 2020

Although a hotel suite with separate bedrooms or a set up similar to home is the best when travelling, that’s not always possible for various reasons. A big factor and expense on vacation or holiday is the room cost: a portable travel bed or toddler blow up bed can offer a little bit more flexibility on the rooms you can choose. Many hotels don’t charge for kids under a certain age – if they use an existing bed.

This guide covers various travel beds for kids whether you are camping, flying, need a spare bed at the grandparents or staying in a hotel room. For travel cots and travel cribs for babies see here.

Best Travel Bed For Toddlers. A big factor and expense on vacation or holiday is the room cost: a portable travel bed or toddler blow up bed can offer a little bit more flexibility on the rooms you can choose. Many hotels don't charge for kids under a certain age - if they use an existing bed. A kids' travel bed gives you the option to book a regular room and save money. What is your favourite travel bed for toddlers? #travelgear #familytravel

Do you need a toddler travel bed? 

A kids’ travel bed gives you the option to book a regular room and save money. I’ve known some parents to fit a travel bed under the room desk when space has been particularly tight! This option wouldn’t have worked with a travel cot or pack n play. This guide will help you decide which is the best travel bed for toddlers. 

A toddler travel bed is different from a travel crib. Travel cribs, sometimes known as pack ‘n’ play or travel cots usually have higher sides and are generally suitable for a baby, whereas these beds are ideal for a child who is used to a bigger bed.

My toddler often starts up in her own bed at home, but ends up with us during the night.  If she is put with her sister in a hotel sofa bed, they both take ages to settle and argue over whose side is whose! In this case, it’s useful to have a portable travel bed, especially if room is tight.

Portable travel beds are easy to squish in a car, are always handy to have on a sleepover, and some inflatable travel beds are small enough to easily fit into your suitcase for air travel too. They are a lot more comfortable than just a sleeping bag too.

Some other advantages of having a portable toddler travel bed with you include:

  • Travel beds for toddlers are generally lighter than the ‘pack n play’ and traditional travel cots. Some of the inflatable ones will fit into your suitcase, meaning you don’t have to pay for an extra piece of baggage. If you are flying you are usually allowed to take a stroller and car seat for free. (Qantas let you take all three for free).
  • Travel toddler beds can save you money on additional hotel bed charges or the need to buy a larger or family room.
  • When at home, you will always have a spare toddler bed for guests.
  • If you use it for sleepovers at home or camping, then it is familiar place for them to sleep.
  • You have a spare inflatable bed or fold out toddler bed to use at home.

What is the difference between a toddler travel bed and a toddler travel crib/cot?

A toddler travel bed is essentially a travel mattress. They are usually floor level, with low sides and easy to pack – all features which make it a very portable bed. A toddler travel bed is a good idea if your toddler can climb out of a travel cot – for obvious safety reasons.

What is the best travel bed for toddlers?

Best Travel Bed for Toddlers Comparison Chart

Regalo Portable Toddler Fitted Travel Bed6.252-648 x 24.5 x 9 inches

Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Portable Mattress82-562"L x 38"W... Bumper Dimensions: 11"H x 49" L

Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed - Made by The Shrunks for One Step Ahead 8.092-521 x 9 x 7 inches

Intex Kids Travel Bed Set9.16 2 +66 x 42 x 10 inches

Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed10.052-658 x 39 x 7 inches

Shrunks Sleepover Portable Inflatable Mattress10.086-79 x 51 x 4 inches

Minimum weight 35lbs
Maximum weight recommendation 300lbs

Milliard Portable Travel Bed10.3218 months - 5 years55"x 26"x 7" inches

Types of toddler travel beds

There are several different types of travel beds to consider; one style is the inflatable air mattress, others are mattresses which simply unfold, whilst others require a small bit of assembly before use.

Size of a toddler travel bed

The size of a toddler bed can vary from a similar mattress size to a travel cot or crib to a single bed size. Some measurements may stipulate the mattress size and others the total size – the outer edges or bed rail too.

Age Ranges

Age ranges vary from 2 and up. Also check the weight limit too.

Other things to consider when purchasing a toddler travel bed.

For travel ease of use and weight are highly important. Check if the travel bed is more suitable for a car journey, or if it can fold up and be considered as hand luggage.

For comfort, cushioned travel beds are clearly going to be offer more of a restful sleep, but these days inflatable ones can be comfortable too.

Also consider which ones offer the most support or a toddler air mattress with sides. If you are going to be in a tent, you may want to research elevated camping beds for toddlers in case of rain.

Top 7 Toddler Travel Bed Reviews

These are in weight order.

Regalo Portable Toddler Fitted Travel Bed Review

The Regalo Portable Toddler Fitted Travel Bed is made with a steel frame and a sturdy canvas material. It’s very easy to set up and fold away which makes it a good camping bed for children.

A folding toddler bed is by far the easiest type of toddler bed to set up –  with no need for a pump meaning after a long journey you get set up in seconds.

Unlike some portable toddler beds, this comes with a carry case, a removable and washable sheet liner and can fit in a standard sized suitcase.

This particular option wouldn’t really be suitable for taking on as carry on, but it is still compact and perfect for a kids sleepover or camping. If you have a wriggly toddler, the Regalo travel bed also has a deluxe version, with a built in fitted sleeping bag – to stop them falling out.

For more information see here.

Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed Review

The Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Portable Mattress comes with 2 pieces, the inner mattress and outer edge with a built-in bed rail to stop little ones rolling. It takes just 30 seconds to inflate and has a quick-release valve which makes deflating easy. It is the same size as a standard toddler or crib mattress so standard sheets can be used. A regular crib sheet fits on the inner inflatable mattress.

The pump works on a US voltage and is meant for a 110V outlet. It can be sponge washed to clean, but a lined sheet is another option. The Hiccapop comes in a duffel storage bag and is one of the lightest options available. The Hiccapop is one of the most popular inflatable toddler beds due to it lightness and portability.

See here for more information.

Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed – One Step Ahead Review

Best Travel Bed For Toddlers

This Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed was designed by One Step Ahead and The Shrunks.  It comes in two pieces; a fully-detached mattress and built-in 5″ bumpers to help stop little ones from from rolling out. The outside ring is twin size but the mattress is crib size. It folds up small enough to fit in carry on luggage, without taking up too much space. Shrunks is a popular choice for parents searching for the best toddler travel beds.

See here for more information.

Intex Kidz Travel Bed Review

The Intex Kids Travel Bed Set also comes in two parts which make sit easier to put on a crib size sheet. The high sides mean your child will be unlikely to roll out. This travel bed comes with a hand pump but an electric one can be used. (Phew!) It can squished into a suitcase but is a bit to big for carry on. For more information, see here.

Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed Review

The BumpZZZ can be fully extended or doubled up to make a comfortable seat. The outer cover can be removed and machine washed but the pillow and foam must be spot cleaned. This toddler bed is lightweight but bulkier than an inflatable travel bed, so would be best suited for a trip that doesn’t involve air travel. It comes with a storage bag.

See here for more information.

Shrunks Sleepover Portable Inflatable Mattress Review

 Shrunks Sleepover Portable Inflatable Mattress  is a larger version of the popular toddler travel bed above. It takes about 30 seconds to inflate and comes with a travel bag.The two parts that are to be inflated are the mattress itself and the outside bumpers. The inner mattress can fit standard twin size sheets.
 highly recommend  buying a travel bed that comes with an electric pump (or purchase an electric pump separately). It is exhausting otherwise, and not what you want to be doing after a along journey.

See here for more information

Milliard Portable Travel Bed Review

Best Travel Bed For Toddlers

This portable bed is one of the heaviest but it has a lot of positives.

  • If it is jumped on, it won’t leak! it conveniently allows a pillow and other bedding to be stored inside it when it is folded up.
  •  The sturdy sides greatly reduce the chances of children rolling out. The mattress cover is machine washable, and it comes with a washable fitted sheet.
  • It’s very easy to set up and fold away.

For more information and latest prices see here

Which one do you use? Would you rate it as the best toddler bed for travel?

Don’t forget:

If you are planning on going out and about or travelling soon, you may find these other travel gear recommendations for kids useful too. These great travel toys and activities for toddlers are handy too – for days out, to trips on planes, trains or even cruising or camping.

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Best Travel Beds For Toddlers

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