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Best Things To Do In Florence With A Toddler

Florence, Italy is one of the most famous cities in the world for its exquisite art, family tours, history, and food, but it is also a great place to visit with your family.  Is Florence kid friendly? Yes, but toddlers are not the easiest of travelers, so you will find some attractions more geared to older kids. These are some of the best things to do in Florence with a toddler.

There is so much to in Florence from stunning outdoor piazzas and churches, to entertaining playgrounds and beautiful parks and of course gelato! 

There are also exciting indoor places to see, including some excellent museums that your toddler will enjoy. You will find options in Florence for children of all ages.

Best things to do in Florence with a toddler

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Is Florence a Stroller Friendly City?

If you are visiting Florence with toddlers in tow, you’re aware that they will not be able to walk everywhere that you’ll want to go. 

A stroller is a good option for Florence, however, make sure that it is a good, sturdy travel stroller.  As is the case in many European cities, Florence’s cobblestone streets will make pushing a cheap, breakable stroller extremely frustrating. 

Solid wheels and structure are a must.  In some of the indoor attractions such as museums, you will probably be better off with a baby carrier for your young child.

Family Friendly Tours

One way of exploring Florence with kids, is opting for a family friendly tour. Try the Family Treasure Hunt Tour .

Discover the history of the Medici family and the Renaissance in Florence in a language suitable for children between 3 and 14 years old to engage in and enjoy. The tour explores popular places including the Uffizi, Palazzo Vecchio and more, Each child will receive a sheet with notes for every clue found.

We also enjoyed the kid-friendly LivItaly family tour!

Outdoor Attractions

Florence is an amazing place to visit in the warmer months.  The parks, plazas, and gelato make each outing memorable and exciting.  So get the kids outside and moving, and experience some of the best outdoor things to do in Florence with kids.

Playgrounds in Florence

Parco giochi D’Azeglio – Piazza Massimo D’Azeglio, 13, 50121 Firenze. Just 14 minutes walk from The Duomo, this playground has shady trees, swings, slides and plenty of places for a picnic.

Villa Park ‘The Fan’. Villa Park ‘The Fan’, Via Giovanni Aldini, 12, 50131. Grab a gelato at Gelateria Pasticceria Badiani, Viale dei Mille, 20/r, and then walk 6 minutes to Villa Park – A well maintained. large clean and peaceful park. It has plenty of benches to sit and spacee to spread out for a picnic. Head to the little lakes to see the turtles.

Parco delle Cascine

If you’re looking for an outdoor day that’s fun for kids in Florence, head over to Parco delle Cascine with your little ones.  This popular park is large with ample green spaces. There are so many excellent spots for picnics and playing.  

You can reach many playgrounds by following the pedestrian path along the river.  Check out Giardino Nicholas Green and Parco Giochi del Visarno, or find other playgrounds for your toddler to enjoy.

City Center Walk

One of the unique things about Florence as a major Italian city, is that due to its compact nature it’s easily walkable.  Of course bring a stroller or baby carrier for your toddler, but you’ll find you can see a lot of Florence with kids just by walking around a little.

LivItaly Tours Florence Tours With Kids
Fresh made gelato from Peche No!

You can visit popular attractions such as Piazza della Signoria or the carousel at Piazza delle Republica, or whatever site your family is most interested.  Stop into La Boheme or any of the other great kid-friendly restaurants for pasta, risotto, or pizza for a bite to eat.  Maybe find some tasty gelato later on too! We like Peche No!

Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Out of all the fantastic piazzas throughout Florence, this one is perhaps the best for your family if you have toddlers in tow, simply because there is so much to do and see in one location.  The Santa Maria Novella Church will captivate kids and adults alike with its beautiful colors and stunning facade.

The piazza is a perfect place for your younger kids to run around and explore.  There are benches for you to sit and watch them get some of that energy out. Or you can sit and eat delicious gelato from the cafe.  Stay here for a short visit if your toddler is losing it, or a long visit if your looking for something to entertain them.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Near Florence’s Duomo lies the amazing Ponte Veccchio Bridge, which is sure to be a hit with your kids.  The kids will love Ponte Vecchio not because it is a bridge, although that is a part of the appeal, but for all of the things they will get to take in on your journey across.

From the entrance of Ponte Vecchio, you can see fun river animals that are sure to make your little kids point and smile.  The shiny and sparkly items for sale in the shops on both sides of the street going over the bridge. Another bonus is that when you reach the other side, you’ll spot the carousel in Piazza della Repubblica.  Perfect ending to your trip over the bridge!

Fontana del Porcellino

This small fountain is less of a day trip, and more of a quick stop to add to the Florence itinerary with kids.  Visit this on your way to other attractions or a meal.  The name is translated to fountain of the piglet.  Spot the bronze statue of the boar.  Be sure to rub its nose for good luck!.

Indoor Attractions

Whether your family is tired of the hot sun, or it’s rainy and cold out, the weather may drive the decision to add some indoor attractions to your list.  Poor weather or not, these attractions are worth visiting with your toddler at any time.  They’re beautiful, entertaining, and great places to bring your children for a visit.

duomo Florence, Italy
The Duomo

Florence’s Duomo

The Duomo is the most iconic piece of Florence’s skyline.  The reddish dome stands out high above the city.  When you get up close from the outside, you see the vivid emerald green and white intricate design of the tiles lining the entire facade.

There is a stroller accessible side entrance to the inside of the cathedral so that you can conveniently wheel your toddler in. 

Looking up at the beautiful painted ceiling of the dome is a mesmerizing experience but not one to keep a toddler occupied beyond a quick cursory glance.

This visit is more for you to tick off a bucket list . Can kids climb Duomo? You have the option to climb up into the dome, but it may not be the best choice to take your toddler up all 463 steps. 

Biblioteca delle Oblate 

It has a large children’s section so you may very well find something of interest to read with your little ones or picture books if your Italian is not up to scratch,

The building itself is beautiful inside and out. Admire the view of nearby buildings from the wide windows flanking the cafe as you grab something to eat or drink.  Biblioteca delle Oblate also has good baby changing facilities for your toddler. A library may not provide enough entertainment for an all day affair, but there are special events that occasionally take place, so look into that while you’re there.

Venchi:  Via dei Calzaiuoli 

Via dei Calzaiuoli is already a great place to explore.  There are so many fashionable shops to pop in and out of as you’re walking down the street.  But then you will also discover the famous chocolate shop that will most definitely grab your toddler’s attention.  

Not only does Venchi sell quality chocolates and gelato, but there is a giant chocolate waterfall! The chocolate waterfall occupies a whole wall, so your toddler cannot miss it.  Stare at it for awhile, and then treat yourself to some delectable sweets.


Florence is home to some of Italy’s most interesting and historical museums.  Not every museum in Florence is a good fit for toddlers, but the ones listed here are equipped to entertain and excite your kids.  With so much to see in each of them, you could easily spend a great deal of time just visiting museums in Florence. 

Museo dei Ragazzi a Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio is the location of Florence’s town hall, and also has Museo dei Ragazzi, which is a Renaissance-themed children’s museum.  The guides are great with young kids and allow them to have a truly enjoyable experience.  

Your little ones can take in the games, clothing, and lifestyle of the Renaissance time period.  Adults will be able to explore and learn about life in that time as well. 

You can book daily activities for families for children of different ages, starting from 4 years old (activities are held in Italian, English, French, Spanish).

At the museum’s information desk, you can also rent a “Kit for Families” (recommended for children 6 years and above) for your self-guided visit. The kit offers a map and other tools that will make visiting the museum even on your own really fun (the kit is in Italian, French and English). This museum is not part of the free entry on the first Sunday of every month.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum

Leonardo da Vinci is probably the most famous sculptor, painter, inventor and architect of all time.  His museum in Florence is a fun family-friendly stop on your itinerary.  It is an interactive museum that offers kids and adults opportunities to discover and learn some science.

The Leonardo Interactive Museum boasts wooden models of da Vinci’s inventions.  Kids can try out some of the machines that da Vinci invented.  When they visit the work stations they can build projects of da Vinci’s.  All in all, this is definitely an entertaining way to spend some time.

Museum Stibbert

Take your kids back in time to the 19th-century through this museum.  The Stibbert Museum is inside the impressive Villa Montughi.  The villa is surrounded by a tranquil park for kids to wander around.  The original villa was home for collector Fredrick Stibbert, who donated it to the city of Florence.

Enjoy Stibbert’s expansive collections.  There are full suits of armor that fully demonstrate how these knights dressed for battle.  Your children will be be in awe when they enter the room called “The Ride.”  The life-size horses and rider models in formation are an unforgettable sight!

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Tours and Activities:  GetYourGuide  has a wide range of family friendly activities around the world. is who we use when researching for places to stay (we like their flexible cancellation policies. We do also check directly with larger hotels brands too.


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