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BEST Themed Restaurants at Disneyland Paris for Families 

Anytime you go on vacation, one of the things you look forward to is the food!  When you plan your trip to Disneyland Paris, you’re in luck because there are lots of delectable options for meals.  You can do a sit-down meal at the table-service restaurants or an all-you-can-eat buffet at the Disney hotels.  There are also quick-service restaurants and snack bars. 

If you want the full experience of Disneyland Paris you definitely have to try the themed restaurants! Whether you have little kids or teens, the themed restaurants are the way to go. 

How to book your restaurant reservation at Disneyland Paris

Pre booking your table before you arrive at Disneyland Paris is the best way. You can book within the 2 months of your arrival date. The official Disneyland Paris app is the easiest and quickest way to book and is easy to navigate. Alternatively, you can contact Disney on +33 1 60 30 40 50. You can also book directly with the restaurant.

Plenty of restaurants in Disneyland Paris do not need a reservation system, but operate with a wait in line system eg Annette’s Diner. If you are unable to secure a reservation try visiting out of normal dining hours eg 11am or after 2:30 and you are more likely to be able to walk in. Alternatively, the Disneyland Village area, just outside of the parks, is really easy to grab a last minute reservation eg. Planet Hollywood.

Here is a compilation of the best themed restaurants at Disneyland Paris for families.

BEST Themed Restaurants at Disneyland Paris for Families

Best Themed Restaurants at Disneyland Paris for Toddlers and Preschoolers

If you have toddlers and preschoolers with you on your trip, you’ll want to make sure you find eating options that are easy for little ones.  All Disneyland Paris restaurant are equipped with high chairs, and since this is such a family destination they are prepared for young children. You can find fantastic places to eat with toddlers and preschoolers with the perfect food options and Disney characters to dazzle your little ones.  

Auberge de Cendrillon

Young children are very often captivated by Disney characters.  How awesome is it to have your favorite Disney character wave and offer a high five?  At Auberge de Cendrillon Disney Princesses make the experience royal.  It is located right next to Sleeping Beauty Castle, and with a Cinderalla elegance, it can’t be ignored!

Auberge de Cendrillon boasts authentic French food for lunch and dinner so parents will be treated to a savory meal beyond chicken nuggets and fries.  Everyone will eat like royalty!  Prices are around €79 for adults and €36 for kids.

Plaza Gardens Restaurant

Plaza Gardens Restuarant is another location to experience character meals at Disneyland Paris.  Located in the Main St. U.S.A area of the park,  it is open for breakfast and dinner as buffet-style dining.  Mickey and friends will surprise and delight your kids making it an unforgettable experience.

Buffet options include a kid’s menu and an adult menu so everyone has options to enjoy.  For breakfast, kids cost €22 and adults  €38.  At dinner, €36 for children and €69 for adults.

Lucky Nugget Saloon

Bring your kids through Frontierland at Disneyland Park to eat at the entertaining Lucky Nugget Saloon for lunch.  Relive the American Gold Rush with the fun wild west theme.  Relax for a bit during a busy day of touring the park.

This Tex-Mex buffet will fill you up with tasty barbeque chicken or a cheeseburger before you go on your way.  The kid’s menu costs  €13, and the adult menu is  €22, so the price is more reasonable than some of the other options in the park.

Fantasia Gelati

Most kids will only get so far into an exciting day at Disneyland before they begin asking for ice cream. Take a break in the Italian quarter of Fantasyland and cool off with some chill ice cream flavors that will light up your taste buds and refresh you!

Choose from chocolate, vanilla, or both and an array of delicious toppings like oreo bites or smarties. If the weather is cold, warm up with a comforting coffee, cappuccino, or hot chocolate.  Ice cream starts at  €4.

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

The Jungle Book presents some captivating scenery, and as a result, the theme of Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost in Adventureland will inspire that sense of adventure in your kids.  The jungle theme gives kids something to visually discover while they’re enjoying their meal.

Maybe the story of The Jungle Book doesn’t scream pizza and pasta, but it’s doubtful that your children will notice as they are delighting in the Italian cuisine and maybe even some dessert.  Prices are reasonable at €9 for kiddos and €14-16 for adult choices.

Best Themed Restaurants at Disneyland Paris for All Ages

Maybe you have children of a wide range of ages, or maybe you’re looking for something that will easily please everyone.  Here are some of the best Disneyland Paris restaurants that are awesome overall whether you’re 2 or 92.  There is certainly an experience for everyone!

Walt’s–An American Restuarant

There is something timeless and magical about classic Mickey Mouse, and as Walt’s is a tribute to Walt Disney, the spirit of Mickey’s beginnings is all around.  The rooms in the restaurant are themed to represent the six worlds of Disneyland Park.

The food is tasteful American cuisine.  Each course of the meal comes with different options, including a delectable dessert at the end!  The children’s menu consists of a starter, main course, dessert, and drink at €22.  The adult menu costs €42, and €62 to include wine.

Annette’s Diner

There are also some great restaurants in Disney Village Paris.  Annette’s is a 1950’s American-themed diner.  The vibrant fun atmosphere will captivate vacationers of any age!  The old-fashioned car out front combined with the pink and turquoise colour scheme inside will have you inspired to start singing some rock n’ roll!

The food served reflects Annette’s 1950s American diner theme. From chicken wings to the classic burger, fries, and a milkshake, this diner has all of your bases covered.  Burger specials start at €20 and the kid’s menu is €19.

Cowboy Cookout Barbecue

The large open barn-like atmosphere here will make you feel like a real cowboy stopping in for a meal.  Complete with live Country music,  you’ll love this Wild West Frontierland destination. It’s spacious enough for the whole family without bumping into other hungry parkgoers.

You’ll experience savory BBQ meat options like ribs, chicken, and sausage.  The service is quick so you can get a hearty fuel up, and be on your way.  Meals start at a reasonable €13.99.

Fuente del Oro Restaurante

Explore this peaceful Mexican-themed restaurant nestled in Frontierland of Disney Park.  The colorful art on the walls and Mayan-style decor will take you to the traditional Mexico you’ve seen in movies.

If you’re tired of traditional theme park food, this is an excellent option. Sink your teeth into a burrito, fajita, or maybe some mouth-watering nachos.  And if you’re looking for something sweet, add on a satisfying cinnamon-covered churro.  Get a good-sized meal starting around €10 for adults and €6 for kids, or just grab a snack.

Cookie Kitchen

Even if you’ve experienced some amazing meals at Disneyland Paris, you’re bound to crave a sweet treat as you’re wandering around.  So wander over to Cookie Kitchen inside Cable Car Bake Shop on Main Street U.S.A. to treat your tastebuds to a gratifying bite.

Choose from delectable pastries, donuts, muffins, and of course, cookies.  Add a little coffee, and you won’t be sorry you took this break!  Croissants and cookies cost around €2 and muffins and donuts are around €3-4.  Enjoy!


This is one awesome place to eat and look around.  Victorian-era inventions hang from the ceiling, and Disney characters make appearances.  The Inventions Restaurant Disneyland Paris menu is also one to envy. However, Inventions is currently CLOSED while the Disneyland Hotel undergoes renovations.  It’s definitely worth a visit if you happened to come back when it re-opens.

Best Themed Restaurants at Disneyland Paris for Teens and Tweens

Teens and tweens can be a tough crowd to please when it comes to eating out.  At Disneyland Paris, you want themed dining experiences that will excite even this finicky audience.  Here’s your best shot at achieving that lofty goal!

Captain Jack’s-Restaurant des Pirates

The location of Captain Jack’s is the first major point of intrigue.  It is overlooking the Pirates of the Caribbean ride so that you can watch the boats from the attraction come by.  Lanterns and torches light the tropical lagoon where you sit to relish your meal, and take in the pirate theme.

The servers, dressed in pirate garments, bring you delicious Creole food.  Choose from starters such as the crab bake or tuna ceviche, a main dish like Caribbean chicken or beef, and of course a dessert.  Or go for the meal plans €42 for adults and €22 for kids ages 3-11.

Manhattan Restaurant

Located in Disney’s Hotel New York–The Art of Marvel, the Manhattan Restaurant is the most upscale choice in dining at Disneyland Paris.  Choose this option if your tweens and teens would be excited by dressing up and experiencing an elegant downtown Manhattan-themed wonder.  It is a quieter atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the parks.

Most of the menu consists of fancy Italian food dishes.  You can choose to order à la carte from a vast selection of starters, entrees, and desserts.  The 3-course Greenwich Village menu costs €49, but if you order individual dishes it will be a bit pricier since most of the entrees alone cost between €30-40.

Café Hyperion

Travel on over to Adventureland to soak up the futuristic-themed Café Hyperion. It is situated in the impressive Videopolis building.  If your family is into tv and movies, you can watch a movie or possibly catch a live show in the high-tech hangar.

The eats are a fast-food-type menu with options of burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and salads.  The counters are creatively designed to resemble ticket booths for a flight on the Hyperion airship. Its pricing includes meals ranging from  €13.99 for a fish sandwich meal, to €16.99 for a BB-Burger.  Kids meals are €8.99.

Casey’s Corner

If your kids are sports fanatics, or especially into baseball, they’ll love a stop at Casey’s Corner.  The name comes from Disney’s Casey at the Bat, so it is a baseball-themed diner.  Baseball memorabilia and ragtime music give this joint the relaxed feel of the good old American pastime.

Check out the variety of hot dog options just like you would in the stands at a game!  You can get a nacho-topped or veggie chili-topped hot dog. Yum!  There are also a variety of grab-and-go desserts to please your palette.  A regular hot dog with ketchup costs €10 and adding toppings adds about €1 more.

Bistrot Chez Rémy

This restaurant is considered one of the best and most popular restaurants at Walt Disney Studios.  It is located near the Ratatouille attraction it is named for. Bistrot Chez Rémy is themed to look like a Paris street, making it a lovely scene for photos.

This spot is known for its sophisticated French cuisine.  Consider ordering the sea bass, beef fillet steak and potatoes, or of course, ratatouille.  The children’s menu has some standard dishes and a famous chocolate mousse as a dessert option.  Adult courses start at €34 and the kid’s menu is €20.

Clearly a big part of an unforgettable vacation is the food.  And not only the food itself, but the whole dining experience that goes along with your meal.  Many of the best places to eat at Disneyland Paris are the themed restaurants.  Not only will you find whatever food and drink choices you desire, but you will leave feeling enchanted from your memorable experience.  From Disneyland Paris character meals to simply delicious snacks, dinners, breakfasts, treats and lunches, you will forget where you are for a moment and get swept up in the Disneyland Paris magic!

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