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Best Portable Blender for Travel With Kids

When traveling with kids, particularly if flying with a baby or a weaning 6 month old, finding favorite baby foods may be harder and worrying if you have a fussy eater or allergies to avoid. In which case, making your own food on the go can be easier with a portable blender for travel. They are compact, easy to use out and about or in your hotel room and perfect for rustling up a fresh meal or even a fruit smoothie for you!

As with any cordless appliance, you can’t expect the same sort of power levels with a portable blender that you would get with a countertop mains powered blender. However, instead you get convenience and ease and lower pries than full size blenders.

Best Portable Blender for Travel With Kids

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What To Look For When Buying A Travel Blender

Compact and Lightweight: A lightweight and compact travel blender is needed if it is going to fit in your suitcase with the other baby and toddler paraphernalia needed when traveling. Most travel blenders are compact in size with carry straps which can be added to a rucksack whilst out for the day.

Easy to Clean: Hotel rooms mean no dishwasher, so a portable cordless blender needs to be easy to clean with limited cleaning products available.

Power and Voltage:  As mentioned previously, portable blenders are less powerful than mains powered but even with this travel blender category, the actual performance power can vary. Some can only manage liquids and powders and small chunks of cut up fruit, whilst others can accommodate ice cubes and frozen fruit. If you freeze cubes of baby food then this will be something to consider.

USB powered, battery or mains cable only? A USB powered cable means additional convenience as you can use a power bank to charge it when out and about, whereas battery powered generally means less power.

Tips For Blending Baby Food & Blending Whilst Traveling.

  • Remember plane rules! Blenders must be go in your suitcase and be checked in. With sharp blades they will confiscated in your hand luggage. If you need home made baby food on the plane, dispense it into appropriate containers before arriving at the airport.
  • Bring a USB power bank: This will need to be in your hand luggage or your person due to plane safety rules. If you are flying to another country you may need an adaptor too. Check the voltage in that country too, as if it is different, it may not charge properly.
  • Choose accommodation with a fridge or minibar:
  • Noisy blender & kids sleeping? Wrap a small hand towel around to mask the sound.

Best Portable Blender For Travel With Kids

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