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All You Need To Know About The Bari To Bar Ferry With Jadrolinija Ferry

Planning your upcoming adventure from Bari to Bar? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with all the essential information about the Bari to Bar ferry operated by Jadrolinija.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to the journey, this article is your go-to resource for everything you need to know, from booking your tickets to insider tips and tricks from our experience.

All You Need To Know About The Bari To Bar Ferry With Jadrolinija Ferry

We found the information very lacking in our research for this ferry trip, so we hope you find this useful!

Jadrolinija, Croatia‘s government-owned shipping company, connects the route Bari to Bar, providing a convenient option for your journey. Our ferry’s schedule and duration was a direct 11-hour trip across 133 miles from Bari to Bar without any intermediate stops.

We had spent time exploring Almalfi coast in Italy and opted to finish in Bari, Italy as it was close to Matera, a stop we highly recommend and a filming location for the recent James Bond movie.

The Bari to Bar Montenegro ferry route gave us the perfect opportunity to fly into Italy and out of Croatia – our final stop.

Onboard the The Bari To Bar Ferry With Jadrolinija Ferry looking out over the side of the boat from the open deck area onto the sea with land in the distance and blue sky


Bari, located in Puglia, Italy, is a port city on the Adriatic coast that offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and beautiful beaches. Here, you can explore the charming old town, Bari Vecchia, with its medieval architecture and the impressive Basilica di San Nicola.

Take in the breathtaking coastal views along Lungomare Nazario Sauro and indulge in the authentic flavors of Apulian cuisine. With its own airport, metro services, and convenient transportation options like buses and trains, Bari is easily accessible for travelers.

We sadly did not have time to see much except the coastline as we headed to the port from Matera.

The Porto di Bari serves as the main ferry station, connecting you to your departure point.

Directions to Porto di Bari on Google Maps with picture of the port on a map and instructions on how to get to it
You must first head to the check in area before boarding.


As a vital maritime hub, the port of Bar connects Montenegro to international trade routes and serves as a gateway to the Adriatic Sea. We arrived here and grabbed a taxi to Kotor our coastal destination for a week.

Important Factors to Consider Before Your Bari to Bar Ferry Journey

1. Booking your tickets

Ready to set sail on the Bari to Bar ferry? Jadrolinija you can buy direct BUT in hindsight it is much easier to book your ferry with Omio. It’s in English, easy to navigate and check information.

You’ll be presented with a range of timings and schedules to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect option for your journey. Bari Bar ferry prices vary depending on the season, with an average price of approximately £146.

You can choose whether you want a cabin with an ensuite, a cabin with shared bathroom or just a seat. For families we recommend a cabin with an ensuite.

You will find people often want to save pennies on this trip and will travel with a sleeping bag and look for any available place in the common areas. There is also the option to pre-book breakfast and dinner.

Bari Bar ferry breakfast buffet with cheese and meat laid out on a white tablecloth on a long table
Breakfast buffet

2. Boarding and departure of the Bari To Bar Ferry With Jadrolinija Ferry

Arriving at the Port:

Get a head start by arriving at the port terminal well before the scheduled departure time. It’s especially important when traveling with kids to avoid any last-minute rush. Aim to be there at least an hour ahead, especially during busy periods.

Ticket Check-in:

This is super important! Once you’re at the port terminal, head to the ticket office or check-in counter. Show your ticket receipt email or booking confirmation to the Jadrolinija staff. They’ll verify your reservation and provide all the necessary instructions.

You’ll receive your boarding card here, and if you’ve pre-purchased additional services like meals or amenities, they may give you vouchers or tickets for those too.

Busy check in desk at the Bari Bar ferry terminal with crowds of people queuing to check in
The line to pick up your boarding card is long – there is a kiosk selling drinks outside but be prepared to stand and queue.

Security Checks: 

Depending on the port and ferry, you may be required to go through security checks. This includes screening your baggage, vehicle (if you are traveling with one), and passengers.

Things to expect include metal detector scans and physical pat-downs.

Luggage and Baggage:

You’re allowed to bring luggage that fits in the overhead compartments or under the seats as well as your your normal suitcases. If you have any more oversized items like surfboards or bicycles, it’s best to inform the staff in advance so they can make arrangements.

Your luggage will be checked for size before boarding, and if you exceed any restrictions, there may be additional fees. Walk on passengers will walk on with their baggage with them.

Boarding the Ferry:

Follow the guidance of the Jadrolinija staff and signs to find your way onto the ferry through the right entrance. If you are walking, you will need to be able to carry your luggage and navigate some small steps before reaching the lifts. We had 2 big suitcases and wheelie bags and managed perfectly fine.

Two girls and a gentleman boarding the Bari Bar ferry - both girls are carrying rucksacks and they are standing next to suitcases
Boarding the Bari Bar ferry

Finding Your Seat or Cabin:

Once you’re aboard, locate your designated seating area. Some ferries have assigned seating, while others operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’ve booked a cabin (which we recommend you do, because people usually sleep everywhere on the decks!), present your cabin voucher to the Reception staff during boarding. They’ll confirm your reservation and give you the cabin key as well as directions to your cabin.

This is all clearly marked on board. You will be given a little amenity kit to freshen up with soap and shower gel. Ours also had a mask in it but they may not have them any more.

signs with directions to cabins in a corridor onboard the Bari Bar ferry
Finding your cabin is easy due to excellent signposting

Jadrolinija Ferry Cabins

Ensuite cabins come with 4 bunk beds equipped with a pillow and a light duvet. A reading light is by each bunk. There are several socket points available in the cabin. Towels and a soap are provided in addition to your amenity kit.

Bari Bar ferry family cabin with four single beds set up as bunk beds made up with white sheets. Ladder up to top bunk. Blue carpet.
Family cabin

Safety Instructions:

Pay attention to the crew’s safety announcements. They’ll provide important information about emergency procedures, life jacket locations, and assembly points.

Make sure both you and your children understand them for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Departure Time:

Ensure you’re comfortably settled in your seat or cabin well before the scheduled departure time. The ferry will set sail on time or as announced by the crew, so don’t miss the boat!

A lot of people head up on deck to wave off the land. There is a lively atmosphere with people playing cards and making use of the deck bar. It can be a bit smokey there.

3. Car Transportation Service onboard the Bari To Bar Ferry With Jadrolinija Ferry

Jadrolinija offers convenient car transportation services to ensure a smooth journey. Simply drive your car onto the ferry’s designated car deck, where helpful staff members will assist you in finding a secure parking spot. With your vehicle taken care of, you can now focus on enjoying the adventure that awaits you.

Once aboard, feel free to explore the ferry and all its amenities. Take a leisurely stroll on the deck to feel the refreshing sea breeze or venture into the onboard cafe and shop.

Sunset viewed from onboard the Bari Bar ferry

And don’t worry, when it’s time to disembark, the staff will provide clear instructions to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Remember, each ferry route and vessel may have specific procedures, so be sure to listen to the staff’s instructions before the journey begins. 

4. Facilities onboard the Bari To Bar Ferry With Jadrolinija Ferry

Discover the onboard facilities offered by Jadrolinija Ferry, designed to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. Take a moment to explore these amenities:

  1. Seating Areas: Choose from a variety of seating options that suit your family’s needs. If anyone tends to feel a bit queasy, opt for seats on the lower deck for a smoother ride. The seating area does get busy with budget travellers who don’t have a cabin.
  1. Cafes and Restaurants: Dine in the restaurant for dinner and breakfast. Indulge in meals a little reminsicent of school dinners. Kids friendly options like spaghetti, schntizel etc are available, and meals come with a salad. Fruit is of the canned fruit variety. For vegetarians there is a very limited option. There are some menu pictures below, so you can decide whether pre-booking is worth it or if you would prefer to bring your own food and snacks.
  1. Shops and Boutiques: Enjoy some very limited retail therapy as you browse the onboard shops and boutiques. There is a small selection of tax-free goods, and some travel essentials you may need from the convenience stores.
  1. Sun Decks and Outdoor Spaces: Step outside and soak up the natural beauty around you. Take in the fresh sea breeze as the sun sets, and admire the breathtaking views from the outdoor decks and sun loungers.
  1. Additional Amenities: Some ferries offer features like children’s play areas, video rooms, movie theaters, chapels for quiet reflection, and free Wi-Fi access. Don’t forget to freshen up in the restrooms and shower facilities, especially during longer journeys. We were on the ship named Dubrovnik and did not see these additional facilities ourselves as after boarding at approximately 7pm, it was soon time for dinner and then sleep before out scheduled 7am arrival to Bar.
Photo of menu onboard  the Bari Bar ferry
Photo of menu onboard the Bari Bar ferry
Photo of menu onboard the Bari Bar ferry
Photo of menu onboard the Bari Bar ferry
Vegetarian meal of vegetables and a hash brown on a white plate
Vegetarian option
Tinnned fruit salad in a white bowl on a pink and white tablecloth

5. Disembarkation 

Arrival at Your Destination:

As the ferry nears its destination port, you’ll receive notifications through announcements in your cabin or screens onboard. Just stay in your assigned seating area or common spaces until they give you the green light to proceed.

Gathering Your Belongings:

Before you bid farewell to the ferry, take a quick moment to gather all your stuff. Double-check that you’ve got everything you brought along, so you don’t leave anything behind. It would be a complete hassle to try and retrieve it. The corridors are full and the lifts are super busy with people trying to disembark.

My top tip would be to get to the disembarkation floor level as soon as you can. We waited for ages as lifts arrived at our level, but were always full on the way down. People were great for those with babies and prams though which was nice to see. You may have to break up your party and go down in pairs.

Exiting the Ferry:

Once the ferry docks and the crew gives the all-clear, it’s time to make your way off the ship. Just follow the signs or listen to the crew’s instructions to find the right gangway or exit point.

Port Facilities at Bar Montenegro:

After stepping off the ferry, you’ll find yourself in the port terminal or a special area for passengers like you and passport control. The line can be long, but usually families are brought to the front. The staff were very accommodating for this. There is no shade as you queue and the sun soon warms up. We advise having a sun hat and water for this queue.

Once through passport control you will find transportation options, restrooms, and other amenities to make your onward journey a breeze. Taxis were easy to come by and organise.

Barska Plovidba Putnicki Terminal Bar and Restaurant Marina seen on arrival in Bar Montenegro port
Bar Montenegro Port Terminal

Bari To Bar Ferry With Jadrolinija Ferry FAQs

When to check in?

If you’re traveling by car, it’s best to arrive at the location at least two to three hours before departure. During peak season, when the city tends to get crowded, it’s wise to purchase your tickets well in advance and get in line a couple of hours earlier. There is a cafe by the ticket counter selling snacks and drinks.

What documents do I need?

To comply with Croatian law (The shipping line Jadrolinija is registered to Croatia, hence the legalities) , both citizens and tourists must carry proper identification at all times. We recommend bringing your passport, along with any other identification documents you may have when traveling on the Bari to Bar ferry. Additionally, it’s crucial to have a copy of your valid ferry ticket readily available.

Can I bring my pet on the ferry?

Absolutely! Your furry companions are welcome to join you on your journey aboard the Jadrolinija ferry. However, it’s important to carry your pet’s passport.

For the safety and comfort of all passengers, pets must be confined in a travel cage or leashed during the journey. While they are not allowed inside the indoor passenger areas, you can enjoy their company on the open deck.

If you book a whole cabin unit instead of individual berths, you are allowed to have your pets inside the cabin with you. Best of all, this pet-friendly service is provided at no extra cost, making your travel experience even more convenient.

I hope this information helps you prepare let me know below in the comments!

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